MSDS (SDS) Reference List
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Product Description Range
A-0013 Sample Cup, 25 mL
A-0014 Sample Cup Top for 25 mL cup
A-0015 Micro Test Tube Pack, Small
A-0018 Diluter Snapper Cup
A-0020 Sampling Tube
A-0022 Mounting Clamp, Adhesive
A-0023 Ampoule Blank
A-0027 Syringe, 1.0 mL
A-0034 Mounting Clamp, Permanent
A-0053 Titrettor
A-0058 Sample Cup & Cap, 50 mL
A-0063 Syringe, 3.0 mL
A-0087 Reaction Tube w/Lid, Detergents
A-0087F Reaction Tube w/Lid, Filming Amines
A-0104 Syringe, 10 mL
A-0105 Sample Cup & Top, 5 ml
A-0107 COD Vial Rack (holds 40 vials)
A-0161 Reagent Blank Ampoule Pack (TPH)
A-0162 Sodium Sulfate
A-0168 TPH Tube Plug/Snapper
A-0170 MiniPet« *, 100 uL
A-0174 Electrode for pH Meter
A-0175 pH Singles buffer solution assortment
A-0176 Electrode for TDS & Conductivity
A-0178 Conductivity/TDS Singles, 1413 uS
A-0179 Carrying Case
A-0181 Turbidity Cuvettes Pack
A-0187 Reaction Tube
A-0188 Sample Dilution Kit (Accessory)
A-0189 Conductivity Singles, 15,000 uS
A-0191 Pipettor Pack, 25 uL
A-0193 Pipettor Pack, 50 uL
A-0194 Pipettor Pack, 200 uL
A-0197 Tip Breaking Tool
A-0198 Turbidity Calibration Set
A-0199 Micro Test Tube Pack, 5 mL
A-0200 Sample Prep Cup
A-0201 Digestor Block, with US Cable,
A-0202 Digestor Block, with EURO Cable,
A-0203 Digestor Block, with UK Cable,
A-0204 Digestor Block, with AUS Cable,
A-0209 Sample Cell w/Lid 24 mm Pack
A-0211 Sample Cup & Cap
A-0601 Neutralizer Solution
A-1400 Ammonia Activator Solution
A-1401 Ammonia Catalyzer Solution
A-1402 Ammonia Stabilizer Solution
A-1500 Ammonia Stabilizer Solution
A-1501 Ammonia Stabilizer Solution
A-1600 Bromine Activator Solution
A-1800 Carbohydrazide Activator Solution
A-2500 Chlorine Activator Solution
A-2700 Chlorine Dioxide Neutralizer Solution
A-2800 Chromate Acidifier Solution
A-3800 Cyanide Neutralizer Solution
A-3801 Cyanide Activator Solution
A-3900 DEHA Activator Solution
A-4201 Formaldehyde Activator Solution
A-4202 Formaldehyde Activator Solution
A-4400 Glycol Activator Solution
A-4401 Glycol Activator Solution
A-4402 Glycol Activator Solution
A-4404 Glycol Activator Solution
A-4406 Glycol Stabilizer Solution
A-5500 Hydrogen Peroxide Activator Solution
A-5501 Hydrogen Peroxide Activator Solution
A-6000 Iron Activator Solution
A-6001 Iron in Brine Acidifier Solution
A-6002 Iron in Brine Activator Solution
A-6500 Manganese Activator Solution
A-6901 Nitrate Acidifier Solution
A-7301 COD Calibration Standard, 1000 ppm
A-7310 COD Calibration Standard, 10,000 ppm
A-7320 COD Photometer (low range)
A-7325 COD Photometer (high range)
A-7400 Ozone Activator Solution
A-7900 Peracetic Acid Activator Solution
A-8500 Phosphate Activator Solution
A-9000 Silica Neutralizer Solution
A-9001 Silica Activator Solution
A-9500 Sulfide Activator Solution
C-1001 Filming Amines Comparator
C-1402 Comparator
C-1501 Low Range Ammonia Comparator
C-1501A Low Range Ammonia Comparator
C-1501B Low Range Ammonia Comparator
C-1501C Low Range Ammonia Comparator
C-1501D Low Range Ammonia Comparator
C-1510 High Range Ammonia Comparator
C-1510A High Range Ammonia Comparator
C-1510B High Range Ammonia Comparator
C-1510C High Range Ammonia Comparator
C-1510D High Range Ammonia Comparator
C-1601 Low Range Bromine Comparator
C-1605 High Range Bromine Comparator
C-1805 Low Range Carbohydrazide Comparator
C-2504 Low Range Chlorine Comparator
C-2504A Low Range Chlorine Comparator
C-2504B Low Range Chlorine Comparator
C-2504C Low Range Chlorine Comparator
C-2504D Low Range Chlorine Comparator
C-2506 High Range Chlorine Comparator
C-2506A High Range Chlorine Comparator
C-2506B High Range Chlorine Comparator
C-2506C High Range Chlorine Comparator
C-2506D High Range Chlorine Comparator
C-2511 Chlorine Comparator
C-2702 Low Range Chlorine Dioxide Comparator
C-2710 High Range Chlorine Dioxide Comparator
C-2801 Low Range Chromate Comparator
C-2801A Low Range Chromate Comparator
C-2801B Low Range Chromate Comparator
C-2801C Low Range Chromate Comparator
C-2801D Low Range Chromate Comparator
C-2810 High Range Chromate Comparator
C-2810A High Range Chromate Comparator
C-2810B High Range Chromate Comparator
C-2810C High Range Chromate Comparator
C-2810D High Range Chromate Comparator
C-3501 Low Range Copper Comparator
C-3510 High Range Copper Comparator
C-3801 Low Range Cyanide Comparator
C-3810 High Range Cyanide Comparator
C-3901 Low Range DEHA Comparator
C-3902 High Range DEHA Comparator
C-4601 Low Range Formaldehyde Comparator
C-4601A Low Range Formaldehyde Comparator
C-4601B Low Range Formaldehyde Comparator
C-4601C Low Range Formaldehyde Comparator
C-4601D Low Range Formaldehyde Comparator
C-4610 High Range Formaldehyde Comparator
C-4610A High Range Formaldehyde Comparator
C-4610B High Range Formaldehyde Comparator
C-4610C High Range Formaldehyde Comparator
C-4610D High Range Formaldehyde Comparator
C-4815 Glycol Comparator
C-4815C Glycol Comparator
C-5005 Hydrazine Comparator
C-5005A Hydrazine Comparator
C-5005B Hydrazine Comparator
C-5005C Hydrazine Comparator
C-5005D Hydrazine Comparator
C-5011 Hydrazine Comparator
C-5501 Low Range Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator
C-5501A Low Range Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator
C-5501B Low Range Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator
C-5501C Low Range Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator
C-5501D Low Range Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator
C-5502 Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator
C-5510 High Range Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator
C-5510A High Range Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator
C-5510B High Range Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator
C-5510C High Range Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator
C-5510D High Range Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator
C-5808 Chlorine (hypochlorite) Comparator
C-5816 Chlorine (hypochlorite) Comparator
C-6001 Low Range Iron Comparator
C-6001A Low Range Iron Comparator
C-6001B Low Range Iron Comparator
C-6001C Low Range Iron Comparator
C-6001D Low Range Iron Comparator
C-6002 Low Range Iron in Brine Comparator
C-6010 High Range Iron Comparator
C-6010A High Range Iron Comparator
C-6010B High Range Iron Comparator
C-6010C High Range Iron Comparator
C-6010D High Range Iron Comparator
C-6012 High Range Iron in Brine Comparator
C-6502 Manganese Comparator
C-6502D Manganese Comparator
C-6701 Molybdate Comparator
C-6702 Molybdate Comparator
C-6720 Molybdate Comparator
C-6904 Nitrate Comparator
C-6906 Nitrate Comparator
C-6909A Nitrate Comparator
C-6909B Nitrate Comparator
C-6909C Nitrate Comparator
C-6909D Nitrate Comparator
C-7004 Nitrite Comparator
C-7004A Nitrite Comparator
C-7004B Nitrite Comparator
C-7004C Nitrite Comparator
C-7004D Nitrite Comparator
C-7404 Low Range Ozone Comparator
C-7405 High Range Ozone Comparator
C-7501 Oxygen (dissolved) Comparator
C-7511 Oxygen (dissolved) Comparator
C-7512 Oxygen (dissolved) Comparator
C-7518 Oxygen (dissolved) Comparator
C-7540 Oxygen (dissolved) Comparator
C-7599 Oxygen (dissolved) Comparator
C-7807 Low Range Persulfate Comparator
C-7870 High Range Persulfate Comparator
C-7902 Low Range Peracetic Acid Comparator
C-7904 High Range Peracetic Acid Comparator
C-8001 Low Range Phenols Comparator
C-8001A Low Range Phenols Comparator
C-8001B Low Range Phenols Comparator
C-8001C Low Range Phenols Comparator
C-8001D Low Range Phenols Comparator
C-8012 High Range Phenols Comparator
C-8012A High Range Phenols Comparator
C-8012B High Range Phenols Comparator
C-8012C High Range Phenols Comparator
C-8012D High Range Phenols Comparator
C-8501 Low Range Phosphate, ortho Comparator
C-8501A Low Range Phosphate, ortho Comparator
C-8501B Low Range Phosphate, ortho Comparator
C-8501C Low Range Phosphate, ortho Comparator
C-8501D Low Range Phosphate, ortho Comparator
C-8510 High Range Phosphate, ortho Comparator
C-8510A High Range Phosphate, ortho Comparator
C-8510B High Range Phosphate, ortho Comparator
C-8510C High Range Phosphate, ortho Comparator
C-8510D High Range Phosphate, ortho Comparator
C-8515 Phosphate (reactive, ortho) Comparator
C-8530 Phosphate, ortho Comparator
C-9001 Low Range Silica Comparator
C-9010 High Range Silica Comparator
C-9011 Silica Comparator
C-9400 Detergents Comparator
C-9404 Detergents Comparator
C-9501 Low Range Sulfide Comparator
C-9501A Low Range Sulfide Comparator
C-9501B Low Range Sulfide Comparator
C-9501C Low Range Sulfide Comparator
C-9501D Low Range Sulfide Comparator
C-9510 High Range Sulfide Comparator
C-9510A High Range Sulfide Comparator
C-9510B High Range Sulfide Comparator
C-9510C High Range Sulfide Comparator
C-9510D High Range Sulfide Comparator
I-1000 pH Double Junction Meter -1.00-15.00 pH Units
I-1100 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Meter 0-2000 ppm and 0-10 ppt
I-1200 Conductivity Meter 0-2000 ÁS and 0-20 mS
I-1300 Turbidity Meter 0-1000 NTU
I-2001 Chlorine (free & total) SAM Kit 0-5.00 ppm
I-2002 Dissolved Oxygen SAM Kit 0-15.0 ppm
I-2005 Chlorine Dioxide SAM Kit 0-11.0 ppm
I-2016 Hydrogen Peroxide SAM Kit 0-6.00 ppm
I-2017 Detergents (anionic surfactants, MBAS) SAM Kit 0-2.50 ppm
I-2019 Ozone SAM Kit 0-5.00 ppm
I-2020 Peracetic Acid SAM Kit 0-5.0 ppm
I-2021 Fluoride MDL+ SAM Kit 0-3.00 ppm
I-2022 Ozone SAM Kit 0-0.75 ppm
I-9312 RemediAid (TPH) Starter Kit
K-0603 Aluminum Vacu-vials Kit 0-0.25 ppm
K-1001 Filming Amines (aliphatic amine) CHEMets Kit 0-1 ppm
K-1403 Ammonia Vacu-vials Kit 0-30.0 ppm (up to 15,000 ppm with A-0188 Accessory)
K-1410 Ammonia CHEMets Kit 0-30 ppm (up to 15,000 ppm with A-0188 Accessory)
K-1503 Ammonia Vacu-vials Kit 0-7.00 ppm
K-1510 Ammonia CHEMets Kit 0-1 & 1-10 ppm
K-1510A Ammonia VACUettes Kit 0-60 & 60-600 ppm
K-1510B Ammonia VACUettes Kit 0-120 & 120-1200 ppm
K-1510C Ammonia VACUettes Kit 0-1000 & 1000-10,000 ppm
K-1510D Ammonia VACUettes Kit 0-30 & 30-300 ppm
K-1523 Ammonia Vacu-vials Kit 0-14.0 ppm
K-1605 Bromine CHEMets Kit 0-2 & 2-10 ppm
K-1613 Bromine Vacu-vials Kit 0-12.0 ppm
K-1705 Hardness (calcium) Titrets Kit 50-500 ppm as CaCO3
K-1710 Hardness (calcium) Titrets Kit 100-1000 ppm as CaCO3
K-1803 Carbohydrazide Vacu-vials Kit 0-2.50 ppm
K-1805 Carbohydrazide CHEMets Kit 0-0.50
K-1910 Carbon Dioxide (dissolved) Titrets Kit 10-100 ppm
K-1920 Carbon Dioxide (dissolved) Titrets Kit 100-1000 ppm
K-1925 Carbon Dioxide (dissolved) Titrets Kit 250-2500 ppm
K-2020 Chloride Titrets Kit 20-200 ppm
K-2050 Chloride Titrets Kit 50-500 ppm
K-2051 Chloride Titrets Kit 250-2500 ppm
K-2055 Chloride Titrets Kit 1000-10,000 ppm
K-2070 Chloride Titrets Kit 10,000-100,000 ppm
K-2103 Chloride Vacu-vials Kit 0-40.0 ppm
K-2504 Chlorine (free & total) CHEMets Kit 0-1 & 0-5 ppm
K-2504A Chlorine (free & total) CHEMets Kit 0-50 & 0-250 ppm
K-2504B Chlorine (free & total) CHEMets Kit 0-100 & 0-500 ppm
K-2504C Chlorine (free & total) CHEMets Kit 0-400 & 0-2000 ppm
K-2504D Chlorine (free & total) CHEMets Kit 0-25 & 0-125 ppm
K-2511 Chlorine (free & total) ULR CHEMets Kit 0-0.20 ppm
K-2513 Chlorine (free & total) Vacu-vials Kit 0-5.00 ppm
K-2523 Chlorine (free) Vacu-vials Kit 0-5.00 ppm
K-2703 Chlorine Dioxide Vacu-vials Kit 0-11.00 ppm
K-2705 Chlorine Dioxide CHEMets Kit 0-2 & 0-10 ppm
K-2803 Chromate Vacu-vials Kit 0-3.50 ppm
K-2810 Chromate (hexavalent) CHEMets Kit 0-1 & 1-10 ppm
K-2810A Chromate (hexavalent) VACUettes Kit 0-60 & 60-600 ppm
K-2810B Chromate (hexavalent) VACUettes Kit 0-120 & 120-1200 ppm
K-2810C Chromate (hexavalent) VACUettes Kit 0-1200 & 1200-12,000 ppm
K-2810D Chromate (hexavalent) VACUettes Kit 0-30 & 30-300 ppm
K-3503 Copper(soluble) Vacu-vials Kit V-2000: 0-12.00 ppm / Spec: 0-7.00 ppm
K-3510 Copper (soluble) CHEMets Kit 0-1 & 1-10 ppm
K-3803 Cyanide (free) Vacu-vials Kit 0-0.400 ppm
K-3810 Cyanide (free) CHEMets Kit 0-0.1 & 0.1-1 ppm
K-3815 Cyanide (free) Titrets Kit 5-50 ppm
K-3902 DEHA CHEMets Kit 0-400 & 400-3000 ppb
K-3903 DEHA Vacu-vials Kit 0-2.00 ppm
K-3925 DEHA Titrets Kit 25-250 ppm
K-4009 Fluoride MDL+ Kit 0-3.00 ppm
K-4203 Formaldehyde Vacu-vials Kit 0-8.00 ppm
K-4302 Glutaraldehyde Titrets Kit 0.1-1%
K-4403 Glycol Vacu-vials Kit 0-10.00 ppm as ethylene glycol; 0-20.00 ppm as propylene glycol
K-4423 Glycol Vacu-vials Kit 0-65 ppm as propylene glycol; 0-32.5 ppm as ethylene glycol
K-4502 Hardness (total) Titrets Kit 2-20 ppm as CaCO3
K-4520 Hardness (total) Titrets Kit 20-200 ppm as CaCO3
K-4530 Hardness (total) Titrets Kit 250-2500 ppm as CaCO3
K-4585 Hardness (total) Titrets Kit 100-1000 ppm as CaCO3
K-4605 Formaldehyde CHEMets Kit 0-1 & 1-10 ppm
K-4605A Formaldehyde VACUettes Kit 0-60 & 60-600 ppm
K-4605B Formaldehyde VACUettes Kit 0-120 & 120-1200 ppm
K-4605C Formaldehyde VACUettes Kit 0-1200 & 1200-12,000 ppm
K-4605D Formaldehyde VACUettes Kit 0-30 & 30-300 ppm
K-4710 Alkalinity (hydrate) Titrets Kit 100-1000 ppm as NaOH (Hydrate)
K-4815 Glycol CHEMets Kit 1-15 & 10-150 ppm ethylene glycol (EG) (up to 30,000 ppm EG or 60,000 ppm propylene glycol w/A-0188 Accessory)
K-4815C Glycol VACUettes Kit 1000-15,000 ppm as ethylene glycol; 2000-30,000 ppm as propylene glycol
K-5003 Hydrazine Vacu-vials Kit V-2000: 0-1.20 ppm / Spec: 0-0.700 ppm
K-5005 Hydrazine CHEMets Kit 0-0.5 ppm
K-5005A Hydrazine VACUettes Kit 0-25 ppm
K-5005B Hydrazine VACUettes Kit 0-50 ppm
K-5005C Hydrazine VACUettes Kit 0-500 ppm
K-5005D Hydrazine VACUettes Kit 0-12.5 ppm
K-5011 Hydrazine ULR CHEMets Kit 0-50 ppb
K-5500C Go-No-Go Hydrogen Peroxide Kit 6.0% Control Point
K-5502 Hydrogen Peroxide CHEMets Kit 0-0.5 ppm
K-5510 Hydrogen Peroxide CHEMets Kit 0-0.8 & 1-10 ppm
K-5510A Hydrogen Peroxide VACUettes Kit 0-50 & 60-600 ppm
K-5510B Hydrogen Peroxide VACUettes Kit 0-100 & 120-1200 ppm
K-5510C Hydrogen Peroxide VACUettes Kit 0-1000 & 1200-12,000 ppm
K-5510D Hydrogen Peroxide VACUettes Kit 0-25 & 30-300 ppm
K-5513 Hydrogen Peroxide Vacu-vials Kit 0-3.00 ppm
K-5530 Hydrogen Peroxide Titrets Kit 0.1-1.0% (up to 20% with dilution)
K-5543 Hydrogen Peroxide Vacu-vials Kit 0-6.00 ppm
K-5808 Chlorine (hypochlorite) CHEMets Kit 0-1.55% as NaOCl
K-5816 Chlorine (hypochlorite) CHEMets Kit 0-12.5% as NaOCl
K-6002 Iron in Brine CHEMets Kit 0-100 & 100-1000 mg/L
K-6003 Iron (total & soluble) Vacu-vials Kit 0-6.00 ppm
K-6010 Iron (total & soluble) CHEMets Kit 0-1 & 1-10 ppm
K-6010A Iron (total & soluble) VACUettes Kit 0-60 & 60-600 ppm
K-6010B Iron (total & soluble) VACUettes Kit 0-120 & 120-1200 ppm
K-6010C Iron (total & soluble) VACUettes Kit 0-1200 & 1200-12,000 ppm
K-6010D Iron (total & soluble) VACUettes Kit 0-30 & 30-300 ppm
K-6013 Iron (total & soluble) Vacu-vials Kit 0-25.0 ppm
K-6023 Iron (total) Vacu-vials Kit 0-2.50 ppm
K-6203 Iron (total & ferrous) Vacu-vials Kit 0-6.00 ppm
K-6210 Iron (total & ferrous) CHEMets Kit 0-1 & 1-10 ppm
K-6210D Iron (total & ferrous) VACUettes Kit 0-30 & 30-300 ppm
K-6502 Manganese CHEMets Kit 0-2 ppm
K-6502D Manganese VACUettes Kit 0-50 ppm
K-6503 Manganese Vacu-vials Kit 0-30.0 ppm
K-6701 Molybdate CHEMets Kit 0-7 ppm as Mo
K-6702 Molybdate CHEMets Kit 2-24 ppm as Mo
K-6703 Molybdate Vacu-vials Kit 0-25.0 ppm as Mo
K-6720 Molybdate CHEMets Kit 20-200 ppm as Mo
K-6810 Mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT) Titrets Kit 50-500 ppm
K-6903 Nitrate Vacu-vials Kit 0-1.50 ppm as N
K-6904 Nitrate CHEMets Kit 0-3 ppm as N
K-6905 Nitrate CHEMets Kit 0-3 ppm as N
K-6909A Nitrate CHEMets Kit 0-150 ppm as N
K-6909B Nitrate CHEMets Kit 0-450 ppm as N
K-6909C Nitrate CHEMets Kit 0-1800 ppm as N
K-6909D Nitrate CHEMets Kit 0-30 ppm as N
K-6913 Nitrate Vacu-vials Kit 0-1.00 ppm as N
K-6923 Nitrate Vacu-vials Kit 0-3.00 ppm as N
K-6933 Nitrate Vacu-vials Kit 0-50.0 ppm as NO3
K-7003 Nitrite Vacu-vials Kit 0-0.800 ppm as N
K-7004 Nitrite CHEMets Kit 0-2.2 ppm as N
K-7004A Nitrite VACUettes Kit 0-150 ppm as N
K-7004B Nitrite VACUettes Kit 0-260 ppm as N
K-7004C Nitrite VACUettes Kit 0-2600 ppm as N
K-7004D Nitrite VACUettes Kit 0-70 ppm as N
K-7025 Nitrite Titrets Kit 250-2500 ppm as NaNO2
K-7050 Nitrite Titrets Kit 500-5000 ppm as NaNO2
K-7340S COD Vials Kit 0-40 ppm (ULR)*
K-7350S COD Vials Kit 0-150 ppm (LR) USEPA Accepted*
K-7351S COD Vials Kit 0-150 ppm (LR) Mercury Free
K-7355 COD Vials Kit 0-150 ppm (LR) USEPA Accepted*
K-7356 COD Vials Kit 0-150 ppm (LR) Mercury Free
K-7360S COD Reagent Vials 0-1500 ppm (HR) USEPA Accepted*
K-7361S COD Reagent Vials 0-1500 ppm (HR) Mercury Free
K-7365 COD Vials Kit 0-1500 ppm (HR) USEPA Accepted*
K-7366 COD Vials Kit 0-1500 ppm (HR) Mercury Free
K-7370S COD Vials Kit 0-15,000 ppm (HR+) Not USEPA Approved*
K-7371S COD Reagent Vials 0-15,000 ppm (HR+) Mercury Free
K-7375 COD Vials Kit 0-15,000 ppm (HR+) Not USEPA Approved*
K-7376 COD Vials Kit 0-15,000 ppm (HR+) Mercury Free
K-7404 Ozone CHEMets Kit 0-0.6 & 0.60-3.0 ppm
K-7423 Ozone Vacu-vials Kit 0-5.00 ppm
K-7433 Ozone Vacu-vials Kit 0-0.75 ppm
K-7501 Oxygen (dissolved) CHEMets Kit 0-1 ppm
K-7503 Dissolved Oxygen Vacu-vials Kit 0-2.00 ppm
K-7511 Oxygen (dissolved) CHEMets Kit 0-20 ppb
K-7512 Oxygen (dissolved ) CHEMets Kit 1-12 ppm
K-7513 Dissolved Oxygen Vacu-vials Kit 0-15.0 ppm
K-7518 Oxygen (dissolved) CHEMets Kit 5-180 ppb
K-7540 Oxygen (dissolved) CHEMets Kit 0-40 ppb
K-7553 Dissolved Oxygen Vacu-vials Kit 0-1.000 ppm
K-7599 Oxygen (dissolved) CHEMets Kit 0-100 ppb
K-7630 Permanganate Titrets Kit 0.3-3%
K-7870 Persulfate CHEMets Kit 0-5.6 & 7-70 ppm as Na2S2O8
K-7904 Peracetic Acid CHEMets Kit 0-1 & 1-5 ppm
K-7913 Peracetic Acid Vacu-vials Kit 0-5.00 ppm
K-8003 Phenols Vacu-vials Kit 0-8.00 ppm
K-8012 Phenols CHEMets Kit 0-1 & 0-12 ppm
K-8012A Phenols VACUettes Kit 0-60 & 0-700 ppm
K-8012B Phenols VACUettes Kit 0-120 & 0-1400 ppm
K-8012C Phenols VACUettes Kit 0-1000 & 0-13,000 ppm
K-8012D Phenols VACUettes Kit 0-30 & 0-350 ppm
K-8023 Phenols Vacu-vials Kit 0-20.0 ppm
K-8503 Phosphate, ortho Vacu-vials Kit 0-80.0 ppm
K-8510 Phosphate, ortho CHEMets Kit 0-1 & 1-10 ppm
K-8510A Phosphate, ortho VACUettes Kit 0-60 & 60-600 ppm
K-8510B Phosphate, ortho VACUettes Kit 0-120 & 120-1200 ppm
K-8510C Phosphate, ortho VACUettes Kit 0-1200 & 1200-12,000 ppm
K-8510D Phosphate, ortho VACUettes Kit 0-30 & 30-300 ppm
K-8513 Phosphate, ortho Vacu-vials Kit V-2000: 0-8.00 ppm / Spec: 0-5.00 ppm
K-8515 Phosphate, ortho CHEMets Kit 10-150 ppm
K-8530 Phosphate, ortho CHEMets Kit 2-30 ppm
K-8540 Phosphate, Total 0-2.30 ppm as P/0-7.00 PPM PO4
K-8810 Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs) Titrets Kit 100-1000 ppm
K-8820 Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs) Titrets Kit 2000-20,000 ppm
K-9003 Silica Vacu-vials Kit V-2000: 0-10.00 ppm / Spec: 0-4.00 ppm
K-9010 Silica CHEMets Kit 0-1 & 1-10 ppm
K-9011 Silica ULR CHEMets Kit 0-0.20 ppm
K-9203 Sulfate Vacu-vials Kit 0-100.0 ppm
K-9400 Detergents (anionic surfactants, MBAS) CHEMets Kit 0-3 ppm
K-9404 Detergents (anionic surfactants, MBAS) CHEMets Kit 0-1400 ppm
K-9503 Sulfide Vacu-vials Kit V-2000: 0-3.00 ppm / Spec: 0-1.00 ppm
K-9510 Sulfide CHEMets Kit 0-1 & 1-10 ppm
K-9510A Sulfide VACUettes Kit 0-60 & 60-600 ppm
K-9510B Sulfide VACUettes Kit 0-120 & 120-1200 ppm
K-9510C Sulfide VACUettes Kit 0-1200 & 1200-12,000 ppm
K-9510D Sulfide VACUettes Kit 0-30 & 30-300 ppm
K-9523 Sulfide Vacu-vials Kit 0-6.00 ppm
K-9602 Sulfite (free) Titrets Kit 2-20 ppm as SO3
K-9605 Sulfite (free) Titrets Kit 5-50 ppm as SO3
K-9610 Sulfite (free) Titrets Kit 10-100 ppm as SO3
K-9610W Sulfite in Wine Titrets Kit 10-100 ppm as SO2
K-9650 Sulfite (free) Titrets Kit 50-500 ppm as SO3
K-9705 Thiosulfate Titrets Kit 5-50 ppm
K-9810 Alkalinity (total) Titrets Kit 10-100 ppm as CaCO3 (Total)
K-9815 Alkalinity (total) Titrets Kit 50-500 ppm as CaCO3 (Total)
K-9820 Alkalinity (total) Titrets Kit 100-1000 ppm as CaCO3 (Total)
K-9903 Zinc Vacu-vials Kit 0-3.00 ppm
K-9923 Zinc Vacu-vials Kit 0-6.00 ppm
R-1000 Filming Amines CHEMets Refill N/A
R-1401 Ammonia CHEMets Refill N/A
R-1501 Ammonia CHEMets Refill N/A
R-1501A Ammonia VACUettes Refill N/A
R-1501B Ammonia VACUettes Refill N/A
R-1501C Ammonia VACUetes Refill N/A
R-1501D Ammonia VACUettes Refill N/A
R-1605 Bromine CHEMets Refill N/A
R-1805 Carbohydrazide CHEMets Refill N/A
R-2500 Chlorine CHEMets Refill N/A
R-2504 Chlorine CHEMets Refill N/A
R-2509 Chlorine CHEMets Refill N/A
R-2511 Chlorine ULR CHEMets Refill N/A
R-2705 Chlorine Dioxide CHEMets Refill N/A
R-2810 Chromate CHEMets Refill N/A
R-2810A Chromate VACUettes Refill N/A
R-2810B Chromate VACUettes Refill N/A
R-2810C Chromate VACUettes Refill N/A
R-2810D Chromate VACUettes Refill N/A
R-3510 Copper CHEMets Refill N/A
R-3810 Cyanide (free) CHEMets Refill N/A
R-3902 DEHA CHEMets Refill N/A
R-4605 Formaldehyde CHEMets Refill N/A
R-4605A Formaldehyde VACUettes Refill N/A
R-4605B Formaldehyde VACUettes Refill N/A
R-4605C Formaldehyde VACUettes Refill N/A
R-4605D Formaldehyde VACUettes Refill N/A
R-4815 Glycol CHEMets Refill N/A
R-4815C Glycol VACUettes Refill N/A
R-5005 Hydrazine CHEMets Refill N/A
R-5005A Hydrazine VACUettes Refill N/A
R-5005B Hydrazine VACUettes Refill N/A
R-5005C Hydrazine VACUettes Refill N/A
R-5005D Hydrazine VACUettes Refill N/A
R-5011 Hydrazine ULR CHEMets Refill N/A
R-5502 Hydrogen Peroxide CHEMets Refill N/A
R-5510 Hydrogen Peroxide CHEMets Refill N/A
R-5510A Hydrogen Peroxide VACUettes Refill N/A
R-5510B Hydrogen Peroxide VACUettes Refill N/A
R-5510C Hydrogen Peroxide VACUettes Refill N/A
R-5510D Hydrogen Peroxide VACUettes Refill N/A
R-5808 Chlorine (hypochlorite) CHEMets Refill N/A
R-6001 Iron CHEMets Refill N/A
R-6001A Iron VACUettes Refill N/A
R-6001B Iron VACUettes Refill N/A
R-6001C Iron VACUettes Refill N/A
R-6001D Iron VACUettes Refill N/A
R-6002 Iron in Brine CHEMets Refill N/A
R-6201 Iron CHEMets Refill N/A
R-6201D Iron VACUettes Refill N/A
R-6502 Manganese CHEMets Refill N/A
R-6502D Manganese VACUettes Refill N/A
R-6702 Molybdate CHEMets Refill N/A
R-6720 Molybdate CHEMets Refill N/A
R-6902 Nitrate CHEMets Refill N/A
R-6904 Nitrate CHEMets Refill N/A
R-6905 Nitrate CHEMets Refill N/A
R-6909 Nitrate CHEMets Refill N/A
R-7002 Nitrite CHEMets Refill N/A
R-7002A Nitrite VACUettes Refill N/A
R-7002B Nitrite VACUettes Refill N/A
R-7002C Nitrite VACUettes Refill N/A
R-7002D Nitrite VACUettes Refill N/A
R-7404 Ozone CHEMets Refill N/A
R-7501 Oxygen CHEMets Refill N/A
R-7511 Oxygen ULR CHEMets Refill N/A
R-7512 Oxygen CHEMets Refill N/A
R-7518 Oxygen CHEMets Refill N/A
R-7540 Oxygen CHEMets Refill N/A
R-7870 Persulfate CHEMets Refill N/A
R-7904 Peracetic Acid CHEMets Refill N/A
R-8012 Phenols CHEMets Refill N/A
R-8012A Phenols VACUettes Refill N/A
R-8012B Phenols VACUettes Refill N/A
R-8012C Phenols VACUettes Refill N/A
R-8012D Phenols VACUettes Refill N/A
R-8510 Phosphate CHEMets Refill N/A
R-8510A Phosphate VACUettes Refill N/A
R-8510B Phosphate VACUettes Refill N/A
R-8510C Phosphate VACUettes Refill N/A
R-8510D Phosphate VACUettes Refill N/A
R-8515 Phosphate CHEMets Refill N/A
R-9010 Silica CHEMets Refill N/A
R-9011 Silica ULR CHEMets Refill N/A
R-9310 TPH Refill N/A
R-9400 Detergents CHEMets Refill N/A
R-9404 Detergents CHEMets Refill N/A
R-9423 Detergents (anionic surfactants, MBAS) N/A
R-9510 Sulfide CHEMets Refill N/A
R-9510A Sulfide VACUettes Refill N/A
R-9510B Sulfide VACUettes Refill N/A
R-9510C Sulfide VACUettes Refill N/A
R-9510D Sulfide VACUettes Refill N/A