V-2000 Method Update

The V-2000 photometer makes use of internally stored calibration software, which CHEMetrics periodically upgrades. As calibrations are updated or new methods become available, a simple upload procedure allows analysts to upgrade their V-2000 calibrations from their computers. The step-by-step procedure is listed below and in Chapter 5, section 5-3 of the V-2000 Operator’s Manual.

Current Method Version:

The link below will upload the most current method version, Method Revision 18.0, which became available on June 25, 2018. Method Revision 18.0 impacted the products listed below.

Note: New V-2000s purchased with Method Rev. 18.0 or later DO NOT include programs for the products listed below as "discontinued."  Performing the "Procedure for Method Update" will update all current programs but will not remove discontinued programs.

Parameter Catalog No. Program Code Range ppm Description of Change
Calibration update
Program removed (discontinued product)
Program removed (discontinued product)
Program removed (discontinued product)
Calibration update
Hydrogen Peroxide
Calibration update
Program removed (discontinued product)
Calibration update
Peracetic Acid
Calibration update
Calibration update


To determine which method revision is currently present on your V-2000 instrument, simply turn the instrument on. As the instrument powers up, the method revision number is displayed briefly.

Equipment You Will Need to Upgrade your V-2000:

Connecting a computer to the V-2000 requires the use of the RS-232 serial cable supplied with the V-2000. This cable has a special 3-pin connector on one end for the V-2000. The RS-232 port is on the underside of the instrument. When connecting the RS-232 cable to a computer, a serial connector may be required (a 25 pin to 9 pin adapter is included with the V-2000). If your computer does not have a serial port, you will need to purchase a separate adapter that will allow you to connect the V-2000 RS-232 serial cable to the USB port on your computer. Part number for USB to serial adapter: A-0307.

Procedure for Method Revision Update:

It is recommended that you print this page of instructions before continuing.
The step-by-step procedure is also listed in the V-2000 Operator’s Manual, Chapter 5 section 5-3 Uploading Method Revisions. 
NOTE: Uploading a new method revision does not overwrite any user generated custom methods or discontinued methods.
  1. With the V-2000 power off, connect the V-2000 to a computer using the supplied RS-232 serial cable.
  2. Press the power key to turn the V-2000 on.
  3. Press the setup key and use the “up” or “down” keys until “UPLOAD” is displayed, then press the yes key. V-2000 should display “WAITING”. 
    NOTE: To abort the upload process, press the yes key again.
  4. Initiate the download program: Click here to Download the Latest Version and follow the instructions provided in the file.
When the program is complete, the V-2000 will briefly display “ALL DONE” along with the new method revision number. 

Contact Technical Services at technical@chemetrics.com with questions or for additional support.

Update History:

Method Rev No. Date Update
3.0 January 29, 2004 Original Version
4.0 February 24, 2004 Calibration updated: Program 49 (HR COD)
5.0 November 12, 2004 Calibration updated: Program 49 (HR COD)
6.0 May 22, 2005 Calibration updated: Program 64 (DEHA 1)
7.0 March 10, 2006 Program added: Program 122 (Nitrate 4)
8.0 March 24, 2008 Calibrations updated: Program 89 (Hydrazine), Program 140 (Oxygen 1), Program 141 (Oxygen 2), Program 159 (Phosphate 2), Program 174 (Sulfate)
9.0 October 08, 2008 Calibrations updated: Program 73 (Fluoride), Program 125 (Nitrite), Program 142 (Oxygen 3)
Program added: Program 160 (Phosphate 2)
10.0 January 12, 2009 Calibrations updated: Program 119 (Nitrate), Program 120 (Nitrate 2), Program 121 (Nitrate 3), Program 122 (Nitrate 4) Program 152 (Phenols), Program 153 (Phenols 2), Program 158 (Phosphate 1), Program 187 (Zinc), Program 188 (Zinc 2)
11.0 April 19, 2010 Calibrations updated: Program 15 (Ammonia), Program 16 (Ammonia 2)
12.0 June 22, 2011 Calibrations updated: Program 60 (Cyanide), Program 78 (Formaldehyde), Program 83 (Glycol)
Program added: Program 148 (Peracetic Acid)
Program removed: Program 147 (Peracetic Acid)
13.0 December 19, 2011 Programs added: Program 22 (Bromine), Program 24 (Carbohydrazide), Program 133 (Ozone), Program 93 (Peroxide), Program 161 (Total Phosphate)
Programs removed: Program 21 (Bromine), Program 94 (Peroxide)
14.0 September 30, 2013 Calibration updated: Program 174 (Sulfate)
Program removed: Program 134 (Ozone)
15.0 February 20, 2015 Calibrations updated: Program 22 (Bromine), Program 32 (Chlorine), Program 37 (Chlorine Dioxide), Program 84 (Glycol), Program 93 (Hydrogen Peroxide), Program 119 (Nitrate), Program 120 (Nitrate), Program 121 (Nitrate), Program 122 (Nitrate), Program 125 (Nitrite), Program 133 (Ozone), Program 148 (Peracetic Acid), Program 188 (Zinc)
16.0 December 21, 2015 Calibrations updated: Program 48 (COD LR), Program 119 (Nitrate), Program 120 (Nitrate), Program 121 (Nitrate), Program 122 (Nitrate), Program 125 (Nitrite), Program 187 (Zinc), Program 188 (Zinc)
17.0 May 12, 2017 Programs added: Program 12 (Ammonia), Program 13 (Ammonia)
Calibrations updated: Program 9 (Aluminum), Program 16 (Ammonia), Program 55 (Copper), Program 140 (Oxygen), Program 141 (Oxygen), Program 142 (Oxygen), Program 152 (Phenols), Program 158 (Phosphate), Program 168 (Silica), Program 179 (Sulfide)
Programs removed: Program 14 (Ammonia), Program 22 (Bromine)
18.0 June 25, 2018 Calibrations Updated: Program 26 (Chloride), Program 89 (Hydrazine), Program 95 (Hydrogen Peroxide), Program 142 (Oxygen), Program 148 (Peracetic Acid), Program 153 (Phenols)
Programs Removed: Program 78 (Formaldehyde), Program 83 (Glycol), Program 84 (Glycol), Program 101 (Iron)