COD Vials Kit

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COD Vials Kit
Catalog No.: K-7361S
Range: 0-1500 ppm (HR) Mercury-free
Method: Dichromate Reactor Digestion
25 vials

Kit comes in a cardboard box and contains everything needed to perform up to 24 tests (except distilled water):  25 vials and instruction book. 

All COD Kits require the use of a Digestor Block and the V-2000 Photometer, a COD Photometer, or a spectrophotometer capable of accepting a 16 mm round cell.  Instruments sold separately.

A fresh reagent ampoule blank must be prepared for each series of tests; therefore the number of samples that can be tested with each kit will vary.

COD Procedure - For use when comparing COD Vials to alternative suppliers

● Hach Equivalent Cat. No.: 25651-25  

Cost per test: $1.26
Analysis Time: 2 hour digestion

Accuracy Information: Download PDF