Popular Test Kits for the Food & Beverage Industry
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  • SAM Test Kit

    Ozone SAM Kit

    Catalog No. I-2022

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  • Hydrogen Peroxide — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit

    Catalog No. K-5543

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  • Vacu-vials® Instrumental Test Kit Contents and Packaging

    Peracetic Acid Test Kit — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit

    Catalog No. K-7913

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  • COD Vials Kit

    Catalog No. K-7365*

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Food & Beverage

CHEMetrics products are used throughout the food and beverage industry in production, packaging, sanitizing, and wastewater processes.

Our test kits offer self-filling vacuum sealed ampoules that are pre-dosed with reagent for a single test. There is no juggling multiple bottles of reagents or complex test procedures with our water quality tests. Convenience and rapid results make our kits ideal for spotting problems in production before they become a disaster. Below are some key applications that our test kits are used for in the food and beverage industries.

CHEMetrics test kits are used in bottled water plants, breweries, and carbonated beverage facilities across the world to test for various impurities in their production water. Using our tests operators can find even low concentrations of impurities before they can impact product quality.

Our ozone test method has been approved for worldwide use by a major bottler to monitor trace ozone levels in bottled water plants. Our ozone Vacu-vials offer a convenient way to measure trace ozone levels directly in the bottle. Testing directly in the bottle ensures safe bottled water without excess ozone smell is delivered to the customer. 

Food packaging operations use CHEMetrics test kits to verify sterilization and to monitor the efficacy of sterilization solutions. Our kits are also used to measure residuals of disinfectants such as chlorine, monochloramine, hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid (PAA). The hydrogen peroxide test kits are frequently used with aseptic packaging and extended shelf-life (ESL) applications.

We offer many test kits to measure impurities on the wastewater side including COD vials to monitor wastewater conditions.

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Product Spotlight

Hydrogen Peroxide Testing for the Food & Beverage Industry

  • Ideal for Extended Shelf Life (ESL) and Aseptic Packaging applications.
  • Measure residual concentrations (0.5 ppm) directly in the container!
  • Offering visual, instrumental, and titration based test formats.
  • More precise than a test strip!


Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Tests for Wastewater

  • We offer both USEPA-accepted and Mercury-free COD vials
  • Save up to 43% compared to the leading brand
  • Works with any spectrophotometer that accepts a 16-mm cell
  • Eco-friendly packaging


Ozone Testing for Bottled Water
Instrumental Test Kit offers accuracy, savings, and speed.

  • Savings up to 62% over leading brand
  • Range matches FDA requirements for bottled water
  • Faster & simpler self-zeroing test
  • Works with most spectrophotometers
  • Vacu-vials snapper allows snapping directly in bottle for greater accuracy



Peracetic Acid Test Kits

  • Get results in 1 minute!
  • Offering both visual and instrumental formats. 
  • Methodology published in Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater
  • Tests range for 0-1 ppm and 0-5 ppm. Perfect for residual measurements.