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The Application of Oxidants in Seawater

The Application of Oxidants in Seawater November 2021 Seawater Disinfection The disinfection of seawater is required for numerous applications, including desalination, ballast water, aquaculture, seawater pools/spas, and in cooling towers. Each application has specific considerations that are best met by a particular disinfectant, usually an oxidant. The oxidants include chlorine, bromine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, peracetic…

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2021 Mid-Atlantic Utility Conference Logo. Presented by Chesapeake AWWA

Visit Us At The 2021 Mid-Atlantic Utility Conference

CHEMetrics loves the Chesapeake, so we are especially excited to meet our Chesapeake neighbors at the 2021 Mid-Atlantic Utility Conference. Stop by Table #30 at the Turf Valley Resort in Ellicott City, Maryland November 9-10 this week to see how we’re all about Simplicity in Water Analysis. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

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Join Us At WaterPro 2021

We’re excited to be exhibiting in person at WaterPro 2021 in magnificent Milwaukee (Sept. 13 – 16). Stop by booth #1117 to check out our test kits and a demonstration, or to pick up a free bag and catalog. Can’t wait to see everyone there!  

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Natural Water Pouring From a Pipe to a Stream

Alkalinity of Natural Waters and How It Is Measured

Alkalinity of Natural Waters The alkalinity of water is a measurement of its buffering capacity, which is its ability to neutralize acid or to resist acidification. In contrast, pH is a logarithmic scale for expressing Hydrogen (H+) ion concentration. A solution of pH 7.0 is considered to be neutral, whereas a solution above pH 4.5…

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CHEMetrics, Inc.

CHEMetrics Exhibiting At Aquaculture America 2021

We’re proud to be exhibiting at this week’s big Aquaculture America 2021, presented by the World Aquaculture Society, in San Antonio from August 11-14, 2021. Swing by the CHEMetrics booth (#316) so we can give you a product demo and show you first-hand how our colorimetric test kits can meet your water analysis needs. See you by…

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K-7540 Dissolved Oxygen CHEMets® Visual Test Kit Contents and Packaging

CHEMetrics Featured in Sentry Equipment’s Stand Ready Webinar

CHEMetrics is honored to be a part of the debut ‘Stand Ready’ webinar created and hosted by our colleagues at Sentry Equipment. The first topic is one of the most important: Monitoring and control of dissolved oxygen is critical for boiler operators since even low concentrations can be destructive, causing localized corrosion and pitting. Watch…

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CHEMetrics K-7512 Dissolved Oxygen Test kit and contents

Environmental Dissolved Oxygen Testing: CHEMetrics Test Kits vs. Winkler Titration

Significance of Dissolved Oxygen in Aquatic Environments Measuring the concentration of dissolved oxygen (DO) in natural waters is vital in assessing the overall health of aquatic environments. While every ecosystem is different, water bodies need approximately 6 – 10 mg/L (ppm) DO to support aquatic life. Low dissolved oxygen concentration is a strong indicator that…

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CHEMetrics, Inc.

Welcome to the Newsroom!

Welcome to newly renovated CHEMetrics Newsroom! We have reworked this space to make it easier for you to find our latest articles and announcements. Don’t worry, your favorite articles are still here, just organized into new categories that you see on the right. Check back regularly to find the latest news and insightful articles from…

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The Use and Testing of DEHA (N,N-Diethylhydroxylamine) In Boilers

What is DEHA? Dissolved oxygen in boiler system water causes corrosion and pitting of metal surfaces, which can lead to boiler inefficiency, equipment failure, and system downtime. N,N-Diethylhydroxylamine (C2H5)2NOH, or DEHA, is a volatile amine commonly used for oxygen scavenging in a variety of boiler systems. Hydrazine was once in widespread use as a boiler…

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CHEMetrics Talks Peracetic Acid with the Words on Water Podcast

Listen to episode #178 of the Words on Water podcast to hear CHEMetrics R&D Director Joanne Carpenter and Katie Bell of Brown and Caldwell discuss the rise of peracetic acid and how it has become a disinfection alternative to UV and chlorine at water resource recovery facilities. Thanks to the Water Environment Federation (WEF) for producing…

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