• Multi-Analyte Photometers


CHEMetrics’ handheld, portable multi-analyte photometers are rugged and dependable solutions to your water testing needs in the field, the plant, or the laboratory. Intuitive and easy to use, these photometers allow for a quick and easy menu selection of 40+ pre-programmed analytes featuring the convenience of CHEMetrics® Vacu-vials® “snap and read” self-filling ampoules.

As new tests are available, a simple upload procedure from the CHEMetrics website updates the photometer with the most recent programs. Uploading takes only a few minutes and keeps the V-2000 and V-3000 current. The optional Power LabStation upgrades the portable V-3000 Photometer to a benchtop laboratory instrument.


V-3000 Photometer

The  V-3000 Photometer is field portable, lightweight, tough, and waterproof. Reading concentration, absorbance, or percent transmittance, this versatile instrument stores up to 100 data points with date/time tags that can be downloaded to a computer.


Optional Accessories for V-3000

A-0301 Data Management Software

A-0302 Power LabStation

A-0306 28 mm cell with lid

A-0307 RS232 to USB Adapter (for V-2000 & V-3000)

(NOTE: Photometer and kits must be purchased separately)
V-3000 Photometer
V-2000 Photometer
Instrument Applicability Portable / Benchtop Portable
Display Graphics / backlit LCD
Control Auto Shutoff Yes No
Power Supply Options Battery
Rechargeable Battery*
Universal Cable / Plug*
Wavelengths (nm) 436, 517, 557, 594, 610, 690 420, 520, 580, 610
Data Interface Software Yes No
Cell Size 13 mm, 28 mm 13 mm, 16 mm 
Language Selection Yes, English, German, French, Spanish No
Web-based Methods Update Yes Yes
Waterproof IP67 IP67
Operating Temperature 0 to 50℃ 0 to 45℃
Data Logging 100 points 100 points
Warranty 2 years 2 years

*Requires purchase of Power LabStation (A-0302)

(NOTE: Photometer and kits must be purchased separately)

V-2000 Photometer

Packed with features, the field-portable V-2000 Photometer automatically tests pre-programmed analytes employing CHEMetrics Vacu-vials® ampoules and COD vials.

CHEMetrics V-0002 Verification Kit to check the performance of CHEMetrics® V-2000 Photometer. Click here for details.

Optional Accessories for V-2000

A-0182 Carrying Case

A-0307 RS232 to USB Adapter (for V-2000 & V-3000)

V-0002 V-2000 Verification Kit

I-5543 Hydrogen Peroxide Verification Kit