• V-3000 New Method Update


The V-3000 photometer makes use of internally stored firmware which CHEMetrics periodically upgrades. As calibrations are updated or new programs become available, a simple upload procedure allows analysts to upgrade V-3000 calibrations from their computers. This step-by-step procedure is listed below and in section 8.4 of the V-3000 Operator’s Manual. To determine what firmware version is currently on your V-3000 instrument, turn the photometer on. Press the Menu key and select "System" then “Info”. The Info screen displays Software version and Program version (as well as Serial number and main PC board identification).

Current Firmware Version:
The link below will upload the most current firmware version to your V-3000 photometer, Software Version 2.82/Program Version 2.10C, which became available on November 11, 2023. This firmware version impacts the following product:

Parameter Catalog No. Program Code Range, ppm
Description of Change
Filming Amine
0 - 6.00
(as ODA/OLA)
Program added (new product)

Equipment Needed to Upgrade your V-3000:

  • PC with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 10.
            Note: Administrator rights will be required.
  • PC serial interface cable (6 pin to 9 pin, supplied with Instrument) and if necessary, USB Cable Adapter (sold separately, Cat. No. A-0307)
    ​Power LabStation (sold separately, Cat. No. A-0302) with its serial interface cable and if necessary, USB Cable Adapter (Cat. No. A-0307)

Procedure for Firmware Revision Update:
It is recommended that you print this page of instructions before continuing.

Watch a tutorial Here

Before beginning the update:

  • Ensure that the V-3000 has a stable uninterrupted power supply (i.e. fresh batteries or Power LabStation with power cord).
  • Close all other applications on your PC.

This procedure is also listed in the V-3000 Operator’s Manual, section 6.4 Uploading Program Revisions.
Note: Updates do not delete user generated custom methods.

      1. Click here to open the update program.
    1. Files have been compressed into a zip archive (*.zip). Admin rights will be required to unzip the archive and install the program on your PC. Unzip the files and save them to your PC. Open the folder on your PC called “V3000_update”, then double click on the executable (*.exe) file. When the installation has occurred successfully, the executable icon (shortcut to the V-3000 upload program) will be saved to your desktop.
      Note: The step-by-step procedure for installing the program and unzipping the files varies among different operating systems and individual PCs. Consult with an IT Specialist for detailed instructions.
    2. With the V-3000 power off, connect the V-3000 to the computer using the supplied PC interface serial cable. If only USB ports are available, connect the V-3000 using the supplied serial cable and USB Cable Adapter (sold separately, Cat. No. A-0307).
    3. Turn the V-3000 on by pressing the ON/OFF key.
      Note: It does not matter which screen the instrument displays at the start of this update.
    4. Double click on the V-3000 executable icon on your desktop. Click “OK” to initiate the V-3000 Firmware Update. The entire process will take approximately 10 minutes. The V-3000 screen will go through a series of programming tasks.
      Note: Do NOT click Cancel, remove PC cable, interrupt power supply, or attempt to stop the update.  This can result in meter malfunction requiring repair by the manufacturer.
    5. When the update is complete, the PC screen will display “Firmware update successfully completed!” as well as meter and revision information including the new Software and Program Version numbers. If the update fails, follow the prompts on the PC screen to re-initiate the upload. When prompted, carefully enter the V-3000 serial number.
      Note: If the update repeatedly fails, disconnect the V-3000 from the COM port and contact technical@chemetrics.com.
    6. When the update is completed successfully, disconnect the V-3000 from the COM port.
    7. Click File\Exit to close the program. Do NOT click “OK”.