Product Safety Data Sheets

Cat. No.EnglishSpanishGermanFrenchProduct DescriptionRange
A-0004Comparator Light Source (CLS)
A-0013Sample Cup, 25 mL
A-0014Sample Cup Top for 25 mL cup
A-0015Micro Test Tube Pack, Small
A-0018Diluter Snapper Cup
A-0020Sampling Tube
A-0022Mounting Clamp, Adhesive
A-0023Ampoule Blank Pack
A-0025Sample Zeroing Accessory Pack
A-0027Syringe Pack, 1.0 mL
A-0034Mounting Clamp, Permanent
A-0058Sample Cup & Cap, 50 mL
A-0063Syringe Pack, 3.0 mL
A-0087Reaction Tube w/Lid, Detergents
A-0087FReaction Tube w/Lid, Filming Amines
A-0104Syringe Pack, 10 mL
A-0107COD Vial Rack (holds 40 vials)
A-0138SAM Light Shield
A-0170MiniPet® *, 100 uL
A-0171Pipettor Tips Pack
A-0174Electrode for pH Meter
A-0175pH Singles buffer solution assortment
A-0178Conductivity/TDS Singles
A-0182Carrying Case, V-2000/V-3000 Series Photometers
A-0187Reaction Tube
A-0191MiniPet® *, 25 uL
A-0192MiniPet® *, 10 uL
A-0193MiniPet® *, 50 uL
A-0194MiniPet® *, 200 uL
A-0197Tip Breaking Tool
A-0199Micro Test Tube Pack, 5 mL
A-0200Sample Prep Cup
A-0212Electrode for I-1400 CTS Testr™
A-0213Sensor Cap for I-1400 CTS Testr™
A-0214Vacu-vials Snapper
A-0301Data Management Software
A-0302Power LabStation (for use with V-3000 Series)
A-0306Sample Cell w/Lid
A-0307USB Cable Adapter
A-0503Sample Zeroing Accessory Pack
A-0504Sample Zeroing Accessory Pack
A-1410Ammonia Accessory Solutions Pack
A-1500Ammonia Stabilizer Solution
A-1501Ammonia Stabilizer Solution
A-1503Ammonia in Seawater Accessory Pack
A-1600Bromine Activator Solution
A-1800Carbohydrazide Activator Solution
A-2500Chlorine Activator Solution
A-2700Chlorine Dioxide Neutralizer Solution
A-2800Chromate Acidifier Solution
A-3810Cyanide Accessory Solutions Pack
A-3900DEHA Activator Solution
A-4201Formaldehyde Activator Solution
A-4202Formaldehyde Activator Solution
A-4400Glycol Activator Solution
A-4401Glycol Activator Solution
A-4402Glycol Activator Solution
A-5500Hydrogen Peroxide Activator Solution
A-5501Hydrogen Peroxide Activator Solution
A-5505Hydrogen Peroxide Standard
A-6000Iron Activator Solution
A-6001Iron in Brine Acidifier Solution
A-6002Iron in Brine Activator Solution
A-6502Manganese Activator Solution
A-6802Monochloramine Solution Pack
A-6901Nitrate Acidifier Solution
A-7004Nitrite Acidifier Solution
A-7301COD Calibration Standard, 1000 ppm
A-7310COD Calibration Standard, 10,000 ppm
A-7320COD Photometer (low range)
A-7325COD Photometer (high range)
A-7400Ozone Activator Solution
A-7900Peracetic Acid Activator Solution
A-7925Peracetic Acid Standard
A-8500Phosphate Activator Solution
A-9000Silica Neutralizer Solution
A-9001Silica Activator Solution
A-9500Sulfide Activator Solution
C-1001Filming Amines Comparator0-1 ppm
C-1404Ammonia Comparator0-4 & 0-80 ppm
C-1404BAmmonia Comparator0-500 & 0-10,000 ppm
C-1404DAmmonia Comparator0-125 & 0-2500 ppm
C-1501Low Range Ammonia Comparator0-1 ppm
C-1501ALow Range Ammonia Comparator0-60 ppm
C-1501BLow Range Ammonia Comparator0-120 ppm
C-1501CLow Range Ammonia Comparator0-1000 ppm
C-1501DLow Range Ammonia Comparator0-30.0 ppm
C-1510High Range Ammonia Comparator1-10 ppm
C-1510AHigh Range Ammonia Comparator60-600 ppm
C-1510BHigh Range Ammonia Comparator120-1200 ppm
C-1510CHigh Range Ammonia Comparator1000-10,000 ppm
C-1510DHigh Range Ammonia Comparator30-300 ppm
C-1601Low Range Bromine Comparator0-2.2 ppm
C-1605High Range Bromine Comparator0-11 ppm
C-1805Low Range Carbohydrazide Comparator0-0.5 ppm
C-2504Low Range Chlorine Comparator0-1 ppm
C-2504ALow Range Chlorine Comparator0-50 ppm
C-2504BLow Range Chlorine Comparator0-100.0 ppm
C-2504CLow Range Chlorine Comparator0-400 ppm
C-2504DLow Range Chlorine Comparator0-25 ppm
C-2506High Range Chlorine Comparator0-5.0 ppm
C-2506AHigh Range Chlorine Comparator0-250 ppm
C-2506BHigh Range Chlorine Comparator0-500 ppm
C-2506CHigh Range Chlorine Comparator0-2000 ppm
C-2506DHigh Range Chlorine Comparator0-125 ppm
C-2511Chlorine Comparator0-0.20 ppm
C-2702Low Range Chlorine Dioxide Comparator0-2 ppm
C-2710High Range Chlorine Dioxide Comparator0-10 ppm
C-2801Low Range Chromate Comparator0-1 ppm
C-2810High Range Chromate Comparator0-10 ppm
C-3501Low Range Copper Comparator0-1 ppm
C-3510High Range Copper Comparator1-10 ppm
C-3801Low Range Cyanide Comparator0-0.1 ppm
C-3810High Range Cyanide Comparator0.1-1 ppm
C-3901Low Range DEHA Comparator0-400 ppb
C-3902High Range DEHA Comparator400-3000 ppb
C-4601Low Range Formaldehyde Comparator0-1 ppm
C-4601ALow Range Formaldehyde Comparator0-60 ppm
C-4601BLow Range Formaldehyde Comparator0-120 ppm
C-4601CLow Range Formaldehyde Comparator0-1200 ppm
C-4601DLow Range Formaldehyde Comparator0-30 ppm
C-4610High Range Formaldehyde Comparator0-10 ppm
C-4610AHigh Range Formaldehyde Comparator60-600 ppm
C-4610BHigh Range Formaldehyde Comparator120-1200 ppm
C-4610CHigh Range Formaldehyde Comparator1200-12,000 ppm
C-4610DHigh Range Formaldehyde Comparator30-300 ppm
C-4815Glycol Comparator1-15 ppm
C-5005Hydrazine Comparator0-0.5 ppm
C-5005AHydrazine Comparator0-25 ppm
C-5005BHydrazine Comparator0-50 ppm
C-5005CHydrazine Comparator0-500 ppm
C-5005DHydrazine Comparator0-12.5 ppm
C-5501Low Range Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator0-0.8 ppm
C-5501ALow Range Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator0-50 ppm
C-5501BLow Range Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator0-100 ppm
C-5501CLow Range Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator0-1000 ppm
C-5501DLow Range Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator0-25 ppm
C-5502Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator0-0.50 ppm
C-5510High Range Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator0-10 ppm
C-5510AHigh Range Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator60-600 ppm
C-5510BHigh Range Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator120-1200 ppm
C-5510CHigh Range Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator1200-12,000 ppm
C-5510DHigh Range Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator30-300 ppm
C-5808Chlorine (hypochlorite) Comparator0-1.55%
C-5816Chlorine (hypochlorite) Comparator0-12.5%
C-6001Low Range Iron Comparator0-1 ppm
C-6001ALow Range Iron Comparator0-60 ppm
C-6001BLow Range Iron Comparator0-120 ppm
C-6001CLow Range Iron Comparator0-1200 ppm
C-6001DLow Range Iron Comparator0-30 ppm
C-6002Low Range Iron in Brine Comparator0-100 mg/L
C-6010High Range Iron Comparator1-10 ppm
C-6010AHigh Range Iron Comparator60-600 ppm
C-6010BHigh Range Iron Comparator120-1200 ppm
C-6010CHigh Range Iron Comparator1200-12,000 ppm
C-6010DHigh Range Iron Comparator30-300 ppm
C-6012High Range Iron in Brine100-1000 mg/L
C-6502Manganese Comparator0-2 ppm
C-6502DManganese Comparator0-60 ppm
C-6701Molybdate Comparator0-7 ppm
C-6702Molybdate Comparator2-24 ppm
C-6720Molybdate Comparator20-200 ppm
C-6802Monochloramine Comparator0 - 20 ppm as NH2Cl-Cl2
C-6904Nitrate Comparator0-4.5 ppm
C-6906Nitrate Comparator0-3.4 ppm
C-6909ANitrate Comparator0-225 ppm
C-6909BNitrate Comparator0-675 ppm
C-6909CNitrate Comparator0-2700 ppm
C-6909DNitrate Comparator0-45 ppm
C-7004Nitrite Comparator0-2.5 ppm
C-7004ANitrite Comparator0-170 ppm
C-7004BNitrite Comparator0-300 ppm
C-7004CNitrite Comparator0-3000 ppm
C-7004DNitrite Comparator0-80 ppm
C-7006Low Range Nitrite Comparator0 - 0.10 ppm as N
C-7007High Range Nitrite Comparator0 - 1.0 ppm as N
C-7404Low Range Ozone Comparator0-0.60 ppm
C-7405High Range Ozone Comparator0.6-3 ppm
C-7501Oxygen, dissolved Comparator0-1 ppm
C-7511Oxygen, dissolved Comparator0-20 ppb
C-7512Oxygen, dissolved Comparator1-12 ppm
C-7518Oxygen, dissolved Comparator5-180 ppb
C-7540Oxygen, dissolved Comparator0-40 ppb
C-7599Oxygen, dissolved Comparator0-100 ppb
C-7807Low Range Persulfate Comparator0-5.6 ppm
C-7870High Range Persulfate Comparator7-70 ppm
C-7902Low Range Peracetic Acid Comparator0-0.1 ppm
C-7902ALow Range Peracetic Acid Comparator0-70 ppm
C-7902BLow Range Peracetic Acid Comparator0-130 ppm
C-7902CLow Range Peracetic Acid Comparator0-1200 ppm
C-7902DLow Range Peracetic Acid Comparator0-30 ppm
C-7904High Range Peracetic Acid Comparator0-5.0 ppm
C-7904AHigh Range Peracetic Acid Comparator0-300 ppm
C-7904BHigh Range Peracetic Acid Comparator0-600 ppm
C-7904CHigh Range Peracetic Acid Comparator0-6000 ppm
C-7904DHigh Range Peracetic Acid Comparator0-150 ppm
C-8001Low Range Phenols Comparator0-1 ppm
C-8001ALow Range Phenols Comparator0-60 ppm
C-8001BLow Range Phenols Comparator0-120 ppm
C-8001CLow Range Phenols Comparator0-1000 ppm
C-8001DLow Range Phenols Comparator0-30 ppm
C-8012High Range Phenols Comparator0-12 ppm
C-8012AHigh Range Phenols Comparator0-700 ppm
C-8012BHigh Range Phenols Comparator0-1400 ppm
C-8012CHigh Range Phenols Comparator0-13,000 ppm
C-8012DHigh Range Phenols Comparator0-350 ppm
C-8501Low Range Phosphate, ortho Comparator0-1 ppm
C-8501ALow Range Phosphate, ortho Comparator0-60 ppm
C-8501BLow Range Phosphate, ortho Comparator0-120 ppm
C-8501CLow Range Phosphate, ortho Comparator0-1200 ppm
C-8501DLow Range Phosphate, ortho Comparator0-30 ppm
C-8510High Range Phosphate, ortho Comparator1-10 ppm
C-8510AHigh Range Phosphate, ortho Comparator60-600 ppm
C-8510BHigh Range Phosphate, ortho Comparator120-1200 ppm
C-8510CHigh Range Phosphate, ortho Comparator1200-12,000 ppm
C-8510DHigh Range Phosphate, ortho Comparator30-300 ppm
C-8515Phosphate (reactive, ortho) Comparator0-120 ppm
C-8530Phosphate, ortho Comparator2-30 ppm
C-9001Low Range Silica Comparator0-1 ppm
C-9010High Range Silica Comparator1-10 ppm
C-9011Silica Comparator0-0.20 ppm
C-9400Detergents Comparator0-3 ppm
C-9501Low Range Sulfide Comparator0-1 ppm
C-9501ALow Range Sulfide Comparator0-60 ppm
C-9501BLow Range Sulfide Comparator0-120 ppm
C-9501CLow Range Sulfide Comparator0-1200 ppm
C-9501DLow Range Sulfide Comparator0-30 ppm
C-9510High Range Sulfide Comparator1-10 ppm
C-9510AHigh Range Sulfide Comparator60-600 ppm
C-9510BHigh Range Sulfide Comparator120-1200 ppm
C-9510CHigh Range Sulfide Comparator1200-12,000 ppm
C-9510DHigh Range Sulfide Comparator30-300 ppm
I-0003SAM Verification Kit (530 nm)
I-1000pH Meter-1.00-15.00 pH Units
I-1400CTSTestr™ * (Conductivity, TDS and Salinity)
I-2001Chlorine (free & total) SAM Kit0-5.00 ppm
I-2002Dissolved Oxygen SAM Kit I-20020-15.0 ppm
I-2005Chlorine Dioxide SAM Kit0-11.0 ppm
I-2016Hydrogen Peroxide SAM Kit0-6.00 ppm
I-2017Detergents (anionic surfactants, MBAS) SAM Kit0-2.50 ppm
I-2019Ozone SAM Kit0-5.00 ppm
I-2020Peracetic Acid SAM Kit0-5.0 ppm
I-2022Ozone SAM Kit0-0.75 ppm
I-5543Hydrogen Peroxide Verification Kit
I-7433Ozone SAM Verification Kit
K-0010Freshwater Education Test Kit
K-0020Freshwater Explorer Test Kit
K-1001Filming Amine (aliphatic amine) CHEMets Visual Test Kit0-1 ppm
K-1413Ammonia — Vacu-vials Kit0-3.00 & 0-60.0 ppm
K-1420Ammonia — CHEMets Kit0-4 & 0-80 ppm
K-1420BAmmonia — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-500 & 0-10,000 ppm
K-1420DAmmonia — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-125 & 0-2500 ppm
K-1503Ammonia — Vacu-vials Kit0-7.00 ppm
K-1510Ammonia — CHEMets Kit0-1 & 1-10 ppm
K-1510AAmmonia — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-60 & 60-600 ppm
K-1510BAmmonia — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-120 & 120-1200 ppm
K-1510CAmmonia — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-1000 & 1000-10,000 ppm
K-1510DAmmonia — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-30 & 30-300 ppm
K-1513Ammonia Vacu-vials Kit0-10.00 ppm & 0-150 ppm
K-1523Ammonia — Vacu-vials Kit0-14.0 ppm
K-1605Bromine — CHEMets Visual Kit0-2.2 & 0-11 ppm
K-1705Hardness (calcium) — Titrets Titration Cells50-500 ppm as CaCO3
K-1805Carbohydrazide — CHEMets Visual Kit0-0.50
K-1910Carbon Dioxide (dissolved) — Titrets Titration Cells10-100 ppm
K-1920Carbon Dioxide (dissolved) — Titrets Titration Cells100-1000 ppm
K-1925Carbon Dioxide (dissolved) — Titrets Titration Cells250-2500 ppm
K-2020Chloride — Titrets Titration Cells20-200 ppm
K-2050Chloride — Titrets Titration Cells50-500 ppm
K-2051Chloride — Titrets Titration Cells250-2500 ppm
K-2055Chloride — Titrets Titration Cells1000-10,000 ppm
K-2070Chloride — Titrets Titration Cells10,000-100,000 ppm
K-2103Chloride — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-40.0 ppm
K-2504Chlorine (free & total) — CHEMets Visual Test Kit0-1 & 0-5 ppm
K-2504AChlorine (free & total) — CHEMets Visual Test Kit0-50 & 0-250 ppm
K-2504BChlorine (free & total) — CHEMets Visual Test Kit0-100 & 0-500 ppm
K-2504CChlorine (free & total) — CHEMets Visual Test Kit0-400 & 0-2000 ppm
K-2504DChlorine (free & total) — CHEMets Visual Test Kit0-25 & 0-125 ppm
K-2511Chlorine (free & total) — ULR CHEMets Visual Test Kit0-0.20 ppm
K-2513Chlorine (free & total) — Vacu-vials Instrumental Test Kit0-5.00 ppm
K-2523Chlorine (free & total) — Vacu-vials Instrumental Test Kit0-5.00 ppm
K-2703Chlorine Dioxide — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-11.0 ppm
K-2705Chlorine Dioxide — CHEMets Visual Kit0-2 & 0-10 ppm
K-2803Chromate — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-3.50 ppm
K-2810Chromate (hexavalent) — CHEMets Visual Kit0-1 & 1-10 ppm
K-3503Copper (soluble) — Vacu-vials Instrumental KitV-2000: 0-12.00 ppm / Spec: 0-7.00 ppm
K-3510Copper (soluble) — CHEMets Visual Kit0-1 & 1-10 ppm
K-3803Cyanide (free) — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-0.400 ppm
K-3810Cyanide (free) — CHEMets Visual Kit0-0.1 & 0.1-1 ppm
K-3902DEHA — CHEMets Visual Kit0-400 & 400-3000 ppb
K-3903DEHA — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-2.00 ppm
K-3925DEHA — Titrets Titration Cells25-250 ppm
K-4502Hardness (total) — Titrets Titration Cells2-20 ppm as CaCO3
K-4520Hardness (total) — Titrets Titration Cells20-200 ppm as CaCO3
K-4585Hardness (total) — Titrets Titration Cells100-1000 ppm as CaCO3
K-4605Formaldehyde — CHEMets Visual Kit0-1 & 1-10 ppm
K-4605AFormaldehyde — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-60 & 60-600 ppm
K-4605BFormaldehyde — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-120 & 120-1200 ppm
K-4605CFormaldehyde — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-1200 & 1200-12,000 ppm
K-4605DFormaldehyde — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-30 & 30-300 ppm
K-4815Glycol — CHEMets Visual Kit1-15 & 10-300 ppm ethylene glycol (EG) (up to 12,000 ppm EG or 24,000 ppm propylene glycol w/sample dilution)
K-5005Hydrazine — CHEMets Visual Kit0-0.5 ppm
K-5005AHydrazine — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-25 ppm
K-5005BHydrazine — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-50 ppm
K-5005CHydrazine — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-500 ppm
K-5005DHydrazine — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-12.5 ppm
K-5502Hydrogen Peroxide — CHEMets Visual Kit0-0.5 ppm
K-5510Hydrogen Peroxide Test Kit — CHEMets Visual Kit0-0.8 & 1-10 ppm
K-5510AHydrogen Peroxide — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-50 & 60-600 ppm
K-5510BHydrogen Peroxide — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-100 & 120-1200 ppm
K-5510CHydrogen Peroxide — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-1000 & 1200-12,000 ppm
K-5510DHydrogen Peroxide — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-25 & 30-300 ppm
K-5530Hydrogen Peroxide — Titrets Titration Cells0.1-1.0% (up to 20% with dilution)
K-5543Hydrogen Peroxide — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-6.00 ppm
K-5808Chlorine (hypochlorite) — CHEMets Visual Test Kit0-1.55% as NaOCl
K-5816Chlorine (hypochlorite) — CHEMets Visual Test Kit0-12.5% as NaOCl
K-6002Iron in Brine — CHEMets Visual Kit0-100 & 100-1000 mg/L
K-6003Iron (total & soluble) — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-6.00 ppm
K-6010Iron (total & soluble) — CHEMets Visual Kit0-1 & 1-10 ppm
K-6010AIron (total & soluble) — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-60 & 60-600 ppm
K-6010BIron (total & soluble) — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-120 & 120-1200 ppm
K-6010CIron (total & soluble) — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-1200 & 1200-12,000 ppm
K-6010DIron (total & soluble) — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-30 & 30-300 ppm
K-6023Iron (total) — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-2.50 ppm
K-6203Iron (total & ferrous) — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-6.00 ppm
K-6210Iron (total & ferrous) — CHEMets Visual Kit0-1 & 1-10 ppm
K-6210DIron (total & ferrous) — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-30 & 30-300 ppm
K-6502Manganese — CHEMets Visual Kit0-2 ppm
K-6502DManganese — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-60 ppm
K-6503Manganese — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-30.0 ppm
K-6701Molybdate — CHEMets Visual Kit0-7 ppm as Mo
K-6702Molybdate — CHEMets Visual Kit2-24 ppm as Mo
K-6703Molybdate — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-25.0 ppm as Mo
K-6720Molybdate — CHEMets Visual Kit20-200 ppm as Mo
K-6802Monochloramine CHEMets Kit0 - 20 ppm as NH2Cl-Cl2
K-6803Monochloramine Vacu-vials KitV-2000: 0 - 15.0 ppmV-3000 & Spec: 0 - 8.00 ppm as NH2Cl-Cl2
K-6903Nitrate Test Kit — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-1.50 ppm as N
K-6904Nitrate Test Kit — CHEMets Visual Kit0-4.5 ppm as N
K-6905Nitrate Test Kit — Zinc Reduction Method CHEMets Visual Kit0-3.4 ppm as N
K-6909ANitrate Test Kit — CHEMets Visual Kit0-225 ppm as N
K-6909BNitrate Test Kit — CHEMets Visual Kit0-675 ppm as N
K-6909CNitrate Test Kit — CHEMets Visual Kit0-2700 ppm as N
K-6909DNitrate Test Kit — CHEMets Visual Kit0-45 ppm as N
K-6913Nitrate Test Kit — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-1.50 ppm as N
K-6923Nitrate Test Kit — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-7.50 ppm as N
K-6933Nitrate Test Kit — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-50.0 ppm as NO₃
K-7003Nitrite — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-1.00 ppm as N
K-7004Nitrite — CHEMets Visual Kit0-2.5 ppm as N
K-7004ANitrite — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-170 ppm as N
K-7004BNitrite — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-300 ppm as N
K-7004CNitrite — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-3000 ppm as N
K-7004DNitrite — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-80 ppm as N
K-7006Nitrite CHEMets Kit0 - 0.1 & 0 - 1 ppm as N
K-7013Nitrite Vacu-vials Kit0 - 0.750 ppm as N
K-7025Nitrite — Titrets Titration Cells250-2500 ppm as NaNO₂
K-7050Nitrite — Titrets Titration Cells500-5000 ppm as NaNO₂
K-7350SCOD Vials Kit0-150 ppm (LR) USEPA-accepted
K-7351SCOD Vials Kit0-150 ppm (LR) Mercury-free
K-7355COD Vials Kit0-150 ppm (LR) USEPA-accepted
K-7356COD Vials Kit0-150 ppm (LR) Mercury-free
K-7360SCOD Vials Kit0-1500 ppm (HR) USEPA-accepted
K-7361SCOD Vials Kit0-1500 ppm (HR) Mercury-free
K-7365COD Vials Kit0-1500 ppm (HR) USEPA-accepted
K-7366COD Vials Kit0-1500 ppm (HR) Mercury-free
K-7370SCOD Vials Kit0-15,000 ppm (HR+) Not USEPA Approved
K-7371SCOD Vials Kit0-15,000 ppm (HR+) Mercury-free
K-7375COD Vials Kit0-15,000 ppm (HR+) Not USEPA Approved
K-7376COD Vials Kit0-15,000 ppm (HR+) Mercury-free
K-7404Ozone — CHEMets Visual Kit0-0.60 & 0.6-3.0 ppm
K-7423Ozone Testing Kit — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-5.00 ppm
K-7433Ozone — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-0.75 ppm
K-7501CHEMetrics Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit — CHEMets Visual Kit 0-1 ppm0-1 ppm
K-7511Oxygen, dissolved — CHEMets Visual Kit0-20 ppb
K-7512Oxygen, dissolved — CHEMets Visual Kit1-12 ppm
K-7513Oxygen, dissolved — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-15.0 ppm
K-7518Oxygen, dissolved — CHEMets Visual Kit5-180 ppb
K-7540Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit — CHEMets Visual Kit0-40 ppb
K-7553Oxygen, dissolved — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-1.000 ppm
K-7599Oxygen, dissolved — CHEMets Visual Kit0-100 ppb
K-7870Persulfate — CHEMets Visual Kit0-5.6 & 7-70 ppm as Na₂S₂O₈
K-7904Peracetic Acid — CHEMets Visual Kit0-1 & 0-5 ppm
K-7904APeracetic Acid VACUettes Kit0-70 & 0-300 ppm
K-7904BPeracetic Acid VACUettes Kit0-130 & 0-600 ppm
K-7904CPeracetic Acid VACUettes Kit0-1200 & 0-6000 ppm
K-7904DPeracetic Acid VACUettes Kit0-30 & 0-150 ppm
K-7913Peracetic Acid Test Kit — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-5.00 ppm
K-8003Phenols Testing Kit — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-8.00 ppm
K-8012Phenols — CHEMets Visual Kit0-1 & 0-12 ppm
K-8012APhenols — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-60 & 0-700 ppm
K-8012BPhenols — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-120 & 0-1400 ppm
K-8012CPhenols — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-1000 & 0-13,000 ppm
K-8012DPhenols — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-30 & 0-350 ppm
K-8023Phenols — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-20.0 ppm
K-8503Phosphate, ortho — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-80.0 ppm
K-8510Phosphate, ortho — CHEMets Visual Kit0-1 & 1-10 ppm
K-8510APhosphate, ortho — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-60 & 60-600 ppm
K-8510BPhosphate, ortho — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-120 & 120-1200 ppm
K-8510CPhosphate, ortho — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-1200 & 1200-12,000 ppm
K-8510DPhosphate, ortho — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-30 & 30-300 ppm
K-8513Phosphate, ortho — Vacu-vials Instrumental KitV-2000: 0-8.00 ppm / Spec: 0-5.00 ppm
K-8515Phosphate, ortho — CHEMets Visual Kit0-120 ppm
K-8530Phosphate, ortho — CHEMets Visual Kit2-30 ppm
K-9003Silica — Vacu-vials Instrumental KitV-2000: 0-10.00 ppm / Spec: 0-4.00 ppm
K-9010Silica — CHEMets Visual Kit0-1 & 1-10 ppm
K-9011Silica — ULR CHEMets Visual Kit0-0.20 ppm
K-9203Sulfate — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-100.0 ppm
K-9400Detergents (anionic surfactants, MBAS) — CHEMets Visual Kit0-3 ppm
K-9503Sulfide — Vacu-vials Instrumental KitV-2000: 0-3.00 ppm / Spec: 0-1.00 ppm
K-9510Sulfide Test Kit — CHEMets Visual Kit0-1 & 1-10 ppm
K-9510ASulfide — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-60 & 60-600 ppm
K-9510BSulfide — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-120 & 120-1200 ppm
K-9510CSulfide — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-1200 & 1200-12,000 ppm
K-9510DSulfide — VACUettes Visual High Range Kit0-30 & 30-300 ppm
K-9523Sulfide — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-6.00 ppm
K-9602Sulfite (free) — Titrets Titration Cells2-20 ppm as SO3
K-9605Sulfite (free) — Titrets Titration Cells5-50 ppm as SO3
K-9610Sulfite (free) — Titrets Titration Cells10-100 ppm as SO3
K-9610WSulfite Test Kit — Measure Sulfite in White Wine — Titrets Titration Cells10-100 ppm as SO2
K-9650Sulfite (free) — Titrets Titration Cells50-500 ppm as SO3
K-9810Alkalinity (total) — Titrets Titration Cells10-100 ppm as CaCO3 (Total)
K-9815Alkalinity (total) — Titrets Titration Cells50-500 ppm as CaCO3 (Total)
K-9820Alkalinity (total) — Titrets Titration Cells100-1000 ppm as CaCO3 (Total)
K-9903Zinc — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-3.00 ppm
K-9923Zinc — Vacu-vials Instrumental Kit0-15.0 ppm
R-0010Freshwater Kit Restocking Pack
R-1000Filming Amines CHEMets Refill
R-1402Ammonia — CHEMets Refill
R-1402BAmmonia — VACUettes Refill
R-1402DAmmonia — VACUettes Refill
R-1501Ammonia — CHEMets Refill
R-1501AAmmonia — VACUettes Refill
R-1501BAmmonia — VACUettes Refill
R-1501CAmmonia — VACUettes Refill
R-1501DAmmonia — VACUettes Refill
R-1605Bromine — CHEMets Refill
R-1805Carbohydrazide — CHEMets Refill
R-2500Chlorine — CHEMets Refill
R-2504Chlorine (free & total) — CHEMets Test Kit Refill
R-2509Chlorine (free & total) — CHEMets Test Kit Refill
R-2511Chlorine (free & total) — ULR CHEMets Test Kit Refill
R-2705Chlorine Dioxide — CHEMets Refill
R-2810Chromate — CHEMets Refill
R-3510Copper — CHEMets Refill
R-3810Cyanide (free) — CHEMets Refill
R-3902DEHA — CHEMets Refill
R-4605Formaldehyde — CHEMets Refill
R-4605AFormaldehyde — VACUettes Refill
R-4605BFormaldehyde — VACUettes Refill
R-4605CFormaldehyde — VACUettes Refill
R-4605DFormaldehyde — VACUettes Refill
R-4815Glycol — CHEMets Refill
R-5005Hydrazine — CHEMets Refill
R-5005AHydrazine — VACUettes Refill
R-5005BHydrazine — VACUettes Refill
R-5005CHydrazine — VACUettes Refill
R-5005DHydrazine — VACUettes Refill
R-5502Hydrogen Peroxide — CHEMets Refill
R-5510Hydrogen Peroxide — CHEMets Refill
R-5510AHydrogen Peroxide — VACUettes Refill
R-5510BHydrogen Peroxide — VACUettes Refill
R-5510CHydrogen Peroxide — VACUettes Refill
R-5510DHydrogen Peroxide — VACUettes Refill
R-5808Chlorine (hypochlorite) — CHEMets Test Kit Refill
R-6001Iron — CHEMets Refill
R-6001AIron — VACUettes Refill
R-6001BIron — VACUettes Refill
R-6001CIron — VACUettes Refill
R-6001DIron — VACUettes Refill
R-6002Iron in Brine — CHEMets Refill
R-6201Iron — CHEMets Refill
R-6201DIron — VACUettes Refill
R-6502Manganese — CHEMets Refill
R-6502DManganese — VACUettes Refill
R-6702Molybdate — CHEMets Refill
R-6720Molybdate — CHEMets Refill
R-6802Monochloramine CHEMets Refill
R-6902Nitrate — CHEMets Refill
R-6904Nitrate — CHEMets Refill
R-6905Nitrate — CHEMets Refill
R-6909Nitrate — CHEMets Refill
R-7002Nitrite — CHEMets Refill
R-7002ANitrite — VACUettes Refill
R-7002BNitrite — VACUettes Refill
R-7002CNitrite — VACUettes Refill
R-7002DNitrite — VACUettes Refill
R-7006Nitrite CHEMets Refill
R-7404Ozone — CHEMets Visual Refill
R-7501Oxygen, dissolved — CHEMets Refill
R-7511Oxygen, dissolved — ULR CHEMets Refill
R-7512Oxygen, dissolved — CHEMets Refill
R-7518Oxygen, dissolved — CHEMets Refill
R-7540Oxygen, dissolved — CHEMets Refill
R-7870Persulfate — CHEMets Refill
R-7904Peracetic Acid — CHEMets Refill
R-7904APeracetic Acid VACUettes Refill
R-7904BPeracetic Acid VACUettes Refill
R-7904CPeracetic Acid VACUettes Refill
R-7904DPeracetic Acid VACUettes Refill
R-8012Phenols — CHEMets Refill
R-8012APhenols — VACUettes Refill
R-8012BPhenols — VACUettes Refill
R-8012CPhenols — VACUettes Refill
R-8012DPhenols — VACUettes Refill
R-8510Phosphate, ortho — CHEMets Refill
R-8510APhosphate, ortho — VACUettes Refill
R-8510BPhosphate, ortho — VACUettes Refill
R-8510CPhosphate, ortho — VACUettes Refill
R-8510DPhosphate, ortho — VACUettes Refill
R-8515Phosphate — CHEMets Refill
R-9010Silica — CHEMets Refill
R-9011Silica — ULR CHEMets Refill
R-9400Detergents — CHEMets Refill
R-9423Detergents (anionic surfactants, MBAS) — Instrumental Refill0-2.5 ppm
R-9510Sulfide — CHEMets Refill
R-9510ASulfide — VACUettes Refill
R-9510BSulfide — VACUettes Refill
R-9510CSulfide — VACUettes Refill
R-9510DSulfide — VACUettes Refill
V-0002V-2000 Verification Kit
V-3000V-3000 Multi-Analyte Photometer for Water Quality Analysis