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CHEMetrics Catalog No. Product Description
A-0214 Vacu-vials® Snapper
A-0004 Comparator Light Source (CLS)
A-0013 Sample Cup, 25 mL
A-0014 Sample Cup Top for 25 mL cup
A-0015 Micro Test Tube Pack, Small
A-0018 Diluter Snapper Cup
A-0020 Sampling Tube
A-0022 Mounting Clamp, Adhesive
A-0023 Ampoule Blank Pack
A-0025 Sample Zeroing Accessory Pack
A-0027 Syringe Pack, 1.0 mL
A-0034 Mounting Clamp, Permanent
A-0053 Titrettor
A-0058 Sample Cup & Cap, 50 mL
A-0063 Syringe Pack, 3.0 mL
A-0087 Reaction Tube w/Lid, Detergents
A-0087F Reaction Tube w/Lid, Filming Amines
A-0104 Syringe Pack, 10 mL
A-0107 COD Vial Rack (holds 40 vials)
A-0138 SAM Light Shield
A-0170 MiniPet® *, 100 uL
A-0171 Pipettor Tips Pack
A-0174 Electrode for pH Meter
A-0175 pH Singles buffer solution assortment
A-0178 Conductivity/TDS Singles
A-0182 Carrying Case, V-2000/V-3000 Series Photometers
A-0187 Reaction Tube
A-0188 Sample Dilution Kit (Accessory)
A-0190 CHEMetrics Logo Canvas Carrying Bag
A-0191 MiniPet® *, 25 uL
A-0192 MiniPet® *, 10 uL
A-0193 MiniPet® *, 50 uL
A-0194 MiniPet® *, 200 uL
A-0197 Tip Breaking Tool
A-0199 Micro Test Tube Pack, 5 mL
A-0200 Sample Prep Cup
A-0201 Digestor Block, with US Cable
A-0211 Sample Cup & Cap
A-0212 Electrode for I-1400 CTS Testr™
A-0213 Sensor Cap for I-1400 CTS Testr™
A-0301 Data Management Software
A-0302 Power LabStation (for use with V-3000 Series)
A-0306 Sample Cell w/Lid
A-0307 USB Cable Adapter
A-0503 Sample Zeroing Accessory Pack
A-0504 Sample Zeroing Accessory Pack
A-1410 Ammonia Accessory Solutions Pack
A-1500 Ammonia Stabilizer Solution
A-1501 Ammonia Stabilizer Solution
A-1600 Bromine Activator Solution
A-1800 Carbohydrazide Activator Solution
A-2500 Chlorine Activator Solution
A-2700 Chlorine Dioxide Neutralizer Solution
A-2800 Chromate Acidifier Solution
A-3810 Cyanide Accessory Solutions Pack
A-3900 DEHA Activator Solution
A-4201 Formaldehyde Activator Solution
A-4202 Formaldehyde Activator Solution
A-4400 Glycol Activator Solution
A-4401 Glycol Activator Solution
A-4402 Glycol Activator Solution
A-5500 Hydrogen Peroxide Activator Solution
A-5501 Hydrogen Peroxide Activator Solution
A-5505 Hydrogen Peroxide Standard
A-6000 Iron Activator Solution
A-6001 Iron in Brine Acidifier Solution
A-6002 Iron in Brine Activator Solution
A-6502 Manganese Activator Solution
A-7301 COD Calibration Standard, 1000 ppm
A-7310 COD Calibration Standard, 10,000 ppm
A-7320 COD Photometer (low range)
A-7325 COD Photometer (high range)
A-7400 Ozone Activator Solution
A-7900 Peracetic Acid Activator Solution
A-8500 Phosphate Activator Solution
A-9000 Silica Neutralizer Solution
A-9001 Silica Activator Solution
A-9500 Sulfide Activator Solution