• Visual Colorimetric Analysis


The CHEMets
® Method

To perform a test, immerse the CHEMets ampoule into the sample and snap off the tip (Step 1).  The correct volume of sample is automatically drawn in, filling the ampoule; a small inert gas bubble remains in the ampoule.

To facilitate mixing the sample and reagent, tilt the ampoule back and forth so the bubble travels from end to end (Step 2). In 2 minutes or less, quantify the result by comparing the filled ampoule to the appropriate color standard(s) (Step 3).

For higher concentrations, the flat comparator is used. For lower concentrations, the round comparator is used. The ampoule is compared with the standards until a color match is found. Kits include 30 ampoules, comparator(s), accessory solution(s) (when necessary), a sample cup, and instructions. Refill packs of 30 ampoules and accessory solutions are available separately. Most comparators have a 2-year shelf-life. Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) are available on CHEMetrics' website. Click HERE

CHEMets ampoules are designed for maximum simplicity and accuracy. Each glass ampoule is 7 mm in diameter, 100 mm in length, with a tapered, pre-scored tip; reagents are vacuum-sealed inside.

The CHEMets Test Procedure