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Hydrazine Test Kits

Hydrazine Test Kits

Visual Kits

Range MDL Method Kit Catalog No. Refill Catalog No.
0-0.5 ppm 0.005 ppm PDMAB K-5005 R-5005
0-12.5 ppm 0.25 ppm PDMAB K-5005D R-5005D
0-25 ppm 0.5 ppm PDMAB K-5005A R-5005A
0-50 ppm 1 ppm PDMAB K-5005B R-5005B
0-500 ppm 10 ppm PDMAB K-5005C R-5005C

Instrumental Kits

Range Method Kit Catalog No.
V-2000: 0-1.20 ppm / Spec: 0-0.700 ppm PDMAB K-5003


Hydrazine is a powerful reducing agent that is used in various chemical processes and in boiler water as an oxygen scavenger. To control corrosion, residual hydrazine typically is maintained in the 0.05 to 0.1 mg/L range. Higher levels may be used to guard against corrosion when the boiler is out of service for an extended period.

The PDMAB Method

References: ASTM D 1385-07, Hydrazine in Water. L. C. Thomas and G. J. Chamberlin, Colorimetric Chemical Analytical Methods, 8thed., pp. 194-195, Method I (1974).

CHEMetrics’ hydrazine test kits employ the PDMAB, paradimethylaminobenzaldehyde chemistry. PDMAB in acid solution reacts with hydrazine to form a yellow product. Results are expressed as ppb (ug/L) or ppm (mg/L) N2H4.