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Hydrazine Test Kits

What is Hydrazine?

Hydrazine (N2H4) is a colorless, flammable, liquid at room temperature that smells similar to ammonia. It is a powerful reducing agent used in various chemical processes as well as in medium and high-pressure boilers as an oxygen scavenger. Hydrazine reacts with dissolved oxygen to form nitrogen and water. Under high pressure and temperature ammonia is also formed. The formation of ammonia increases the pH of the feedwater preventing acidic corrosion. Hydrazine also passivates copper and oxidized steel surfaces in the system preventing corrosion. Unlike other oxygen scavengers, hydrazine does not increase total dissolved solids (TDS) within the system. Residual hydrazine is typically maintained in the 0.05 to 0.1 mg/L range. Higher levels may be used to guard against corrosion when the boiler is in layup conditions.

Why Test for Hydrazine?

When using hydrazine as an oxygen scavenger for a boiler system, measuring the residual hydrazine is critical for maintaining a safe and efficient boiler. Monitoring residual hydrazine ensures sufficient dosing is taking place to prevent corrosion but not so much that chemical is wasted.

About Our Test Kits

CHEMetrics visual hydrazine in water test kits feature self-filling CHEMets® ampoules that contain pre-measured reagent for a single test. Simply snap the ampoule directly in a sample to draw in the correct volume of sample and then compare to color standards to find the concentration. For higher ranges VACUettes® are used which make diluting your sample simple.

CHEMetrics offers visual test kits in a variety of ranges for the measurement of Hydrazine that utilize the paradimethylaminobenzaldehyde (PDMAB) method. This method develops a yellow color in direct relation to the concentration of hydrazine present in the sample. Results are expressed as ppm (mg/L) hydrazine.

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Visual Kits

Range MDL Method Kit Catalog No. Refill Catalog No.
0-0.5 ppm 0.005 ppm PDMAB K-5005 R-5005
0-12.5 ppm 0.25 ppm PDMAB K-5005D R-5005D
0-500 ppm 10 ppm PDMAB K-5005C R-5005C


The PDMAB Method

References: ASTM D 1385-07, Hydrazine in Water. L. C. Thomas and G. J. Chamberlin, Colorimetric Chemical Analytical Methods, 8thed., pp. 194-195, Method I (1974).
CHEMetrics’ hydrazine test kits employ the PDMAB, paradimethylaminobenzaldehyde chemistry. PDMAB in acid solution reacts with hydrazine to form a yellow product. Results are expressed as ppm (mg/L) N2H4.