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Persulfate Test Kits

Persulfate Test KitsWhat is Persulfate?

A persulfate is any compound that contains the anions SO52− or S2O82−. These compounds are usually strong oxidizers. Sodium persulfate (Na2S2O8) is commonly used for clarifying swimming pools and spas but it is also used in environmental applications to remediate groundwater and soil that has been contaminated. It is used primarily as a part of the in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) treatment method where chemical remediation is conducted in place without excavating soil or pumping out water. Persulfate is particularly useful at treating aromatic contaminants such as benzene, toluene,

Why Test for Persulfate?

In situ groundwater remediation is a complex practice that requires an understanding of how groundwater is moving beneath the earth (hydrology), and the complex chemical reactions occurring underground between the chemical oxidant, groundwater, and soil. Persulfate treatment is particularly complex as it requires activation to increase its reaction rate. Various activation techniques are used; these include heat, chemical reactions with transition metals, alkali pH adjustors, or the addition of carbohydrates. To ensure the remediation program is running effectively and reaching the correct areas, testing for persulfate is recommended.

About Our Test Kits

CHEMetrics visual test kits feature CHEMets® self-filling ampoules that contain pre-measured reagent for a single test. Simply snap the ampoule directly in a sample to draw in the correct volume of sample and then compare to the supplied color standards to find the concentration.

For information about instrumental testing options, contact us at technical support or view this video.

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Visual Kits

Range MDL Method Kit Catalog No. Refill Catalog No.
0-5.6 & 7-70 ppm as Na₂S₂O₈ 0.35 ppm Ferric Thiocyanate K-7870 R-5510


The Ferric Thiocyanate Method

Reference: D.F. Boltz and J.A. Howell, eds. Colorimetric Determination of Nonmetals, 2nd Ed., Vol. 8, p. 304 (1978).
CHEMetrics’ persulfate test kit employs the ferric thiocyanate method. In an acidic solution, persulfate oxidizes ferrous iron. The resulting ferric ion reacts with ammonium thiocyanate to form ferric thiocyanate, a red-orange colored complex, in direct proportion to the persulfate concentration. Chlorine does not interfere with this chemistry. Ferric iron, hydrogen peroxide, and ozone will interfere. Results are expressed in ppm (mg/L) sodium persulfate (Na2S2O8).