• SAM Single Analyte Meters


SAMs (Single Analyte Meters): Value and Convenience

Paired with CHEMetrics® self-filling Vacu-vials® ampoules or COD vials, our Single Analyte Meters (SAMs) provide unprecedented simplicity and accuracy at an affordable price. SAMs provide results equivalent to other meters and probes costing much more. Each kit contains a dedicated photometric meter instrument, reagent pack and all the accessories needed to perform the test.

SAM Specifications & Features
Light Source: Light-emitting diode / interference filter
Optical Paths: 13-mm light path / 16-mm light path / 22.5 mm light path
Power Source: Battery operated
Compliance: European CE Mark
Warranty: 1 Year
Kit No.
Kit No.
Kit No.
Kit No.
Ammonia 1A-2024 0-3.00 & 0-60.0 K-1413    
Ammonia 1A-2024 0-10.00 & 0-150 2K-1513    
Chlorine I-2001 0-5.00 K-2513 I-0003  
Chlorine Dioxide I-2005 0-11.0 K-2703 I-0003  
COD Low Range 1A-7320 0-150 2K-7350S, 2K-7355, K-7351S, K-7356   A-7301
COD High Range 1A-7325 0-1500 2K-7360S, 2K-7365, K-7361S, K-7366   A-7301, A-7310
COD High Range 1A-7325 0-15,000 2K-7370S, 2K-7375, K-7371S, K-7376   A-7310
Detergents I-2017 0-2.50 R-9423    
Hydrogen Peroxide I-2016 0-6.00 K-5543 I-5543 A-5505
Oxygen, dissolved I-2002 0-15.0 K-7513 I-0003  
Ozone (DPD) I-2019 0-5.00 K-7423 I-0003  
Ozone (Indigo) I-2022 0-0.75 K-7433 I-7433  
Peracetic Acid I-2020 0-5.00 K-7913 I-0003 A-7925

1Instrument only. Test Kits sold separately.
2Contains mercury. Dispose according to local, state or federal laws.

Verification Kits for CHEMetrics® Photometers
To Validate Photometer Performance



  • Easy to use. No preparation is required.
  • NIST traceable.
  • Ideal for instrument verification in the lab and in the field.
  • Saves time. No need to return the photometer to CHEMetrics for verification.

Introducing three new CHEMetrics® Verification Kits that allow you to quickly and routinely check the performance of your CHEMetrics® photometers.

  • Catalog No. I-0003: For use with CHEMetrics® Chlorine I-2001 Chlorine, I-2002 Dissolved Oxygen,
    I-2005 Chlorine Dioxide, I-2019 Ozone (DPD) and I-2020 Peracetic Acid SAM Photometers.
  • Catalog No. I-5543: Intended for customers who use CHEMetrics® K-5543 Hydrogen Peroxide Vacu-vials® Kit and
    would like to verify the performance of the CHEMetrics® I-2016 Hydrogen Peroxide SAM, or V-2000 or V-3000
    Multi-Analyte photometers (program 95).
  • Catalog No. V-0002: Designed to verify LED performance of CHEMetrics® V-2000 Multi-Analyte Photometer.

Packaged in a compact, durable polypropylene carrying case, each kit includes a set of ampoules containing various dye solutions specific to the wavelength(s) for the particular photometer. The absorbance of each dye ampoule is individually confirmed using a spectrophotometer that is certified using optical standards traceable to NIST.

A Certificate of Conformance is supplied with each kit that reports the range of permissible test values for each standard in the kit. Contact technical@chemetrics.com for details.