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Ammonia Single Analyte Photometer

Catalog No.: A-2024
Range: 0-10.00 ppm & 0-150 ppm, 0-3.00 & 0-60.0 ppm
Method: Direct Nesslerization (extended shelf life), Hydroxybenzyl Alcohol (HBA)

The A-2024 Ammonia Single Analyte Meter (SAM) is a portable ammonia meter for water analysis designed for compatibility with the CHEMetrics Ammonia Vacu-vials Kits Cat. Nos. K-1413 and K-1513*. CHEMetrics Vacu-vial test kits are sold separately so you can choose the product that best meets your testing needs.

K-1413 utilizes the hydroxybenzyl alcohol (HBA) chemistry and can measure 0-3.00 & 0-60.0 ppm ammonia nitrogen.

K-1513 utilizes the Direct Nesslerization method and can measure 0-10.0 & 0-150 ppm ammonia nitrogen.

This ammonia photometer fits comfortably in hand and runs on four AAA batteries for approximately 5,000 tests. It holds 15 data sets in memory making it perfect for testing in the field or in the lab. Every water testing photometer comes with a light shield, screwdriver, batteries, instructions and a 1-year warranty so you can test with confidence.


Components & Accessories

  • K-1413 Ammonia Vacu-vials® Instrumental Test Kit Contents and Packaging

    Ammonia — Vacu-vials Kit

    Catalog No. K-1413

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  • Ammonia Vacu-vials Kit

    Catalog No. K-1513*

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  • SAM Light Shield

    Catalog No. A-0138

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