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CTSTestr™ * (Conductivity, TDS and Salinity)

Catalog No.: I-1400

Conductivity: 0.0-200.0 µS, 200-2000 µS, 2.00-20.00 mS
TDS: 0.0-100.0 ppm, 100-1000 ppm, 0.10-10.00 ppt
​Salinity: 0.00-10.00 ppt

Reliable 3-in-1 combination meter measures Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and Salinity.

Meter comes in a plastic storage case and includes an electrode and sensor cap, four AAA batteries and instructions.  Instruments are manufactured and guaranteed by Oakton Instruments, Inc.

Replaceable electrode
Waterproof, Dustproof
Easy interface navigation for quick setup and calibration
Automatic temperature compensation

Warranty: 1 year

* CTSTestr is a trademark of OAKTON Instruments.


Components & Accessories

  • Conductivity/TDS Singles

    Catalog No. A-0178

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  • A-0212 Electrode for I-1400 CTS Testr™

    Electrode for I-1400 CTS Testr™

    Catalog No. A-0212

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  • A-0213 Sensor Cap for I-1400 CTS Testr™

    Sensor Cap for I-1400 CTS Testr™

    Catalog No. A-0213

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