CHEMetrics Contributes to Development of First Approved Procedure for Measuring Peracetic Acid (PAA) Residuals in Wastewater

MIDLAND, VA – The PAA residual analysis method is now available as a Standard Method thanks in part to the work of CHEMetrics Research and Development Director Joanne Carpenter.

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In collaboration with colleagues from across the wastewater analysis industry and related regulatory agencies, Carpenter led the Standard Methods Joint Task Group to validate a legacy technique for a new application: measurement of Peracetic Acid in water using the DPD Method. The group’s work led to the method’s publication in Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater which covers all aspects of water and wastewater analysis techniques. (Standard Methods is a joint publication of the American Public Health Association, the American Water Works Association, and the Water Environment Federation.)

Carpenter also shared the group’s findings in a case study (“DPD Legacy Method Applied to Peracetic Acid”) presented at the 2019 National Environmental Monitoring Conference in Jacksonville, Florida.

“The push to develop a standard method for the analysis of peracetic acid is part of a larger effort to advance PAA as a disinfectant in wastewater treatment,” says Carpenter. “I’m proud to have worked with distinguished colleagues from across the country to complete this important project.”

A workgroup of PAA stakeholders formed in 2017 representing EPA’s Office of Water/Engineering and Analysis Division (EAD), POTW operations personnel, engineering consulting firms, PAA suppliers, and test kit vendors. They began efforts to establish a new method for the analysis of PAA based on the well-established N-N-diethyl–p-phenylenediamine (DPD) method. Bulk wastewater samples solicited from publicly-owned treatment plants were used to prepare test samples for the validation study while test kit vendors provided materials and equipment. The workgroup assembled seven analysts who, under the direction of the study monitor, prepared and distributed blind test samples.

With the development of this new PAA-specific method, wastewater professionals may now accurately measure outflow residuals in order to remain compliant with federal guidelines. Method 4500-PAA can be found at To learn more about CHEMetrics’ Peracetic Acid test kit product line, visit the company’s website or email at


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