How to Run a CHEMetrics COD Test

What Is a COD Test? A Chemical Oxygen Demand, or COD test, measures how much dissolved oxygen (DO) is consumed by the oxidation of organic matter and inorganic compounds such as ammonia or nitrite under controlled conditions. COD is widely recognized as an indicator of wastewater influent and effluent quality. COD analysis is typically performed…

Testing for Persulfate with CHEMetrics K-7870 and K-5543

K-7870 Persulfate CHEMets® Visual Test Kit Contents and Packaging

Testing for persulfate is easy with the CHEMets® visual test kit K-7870. With this test you can measure anywhere between 0 to 70 ppm sodium persulfate in just 90 seconds. If you are in need of an instrumental test, CHEMetrics hydrogen peroxide Vacu-vials® kit K-5543 can be used to measure sodium persulfate by using a slightly modified procedure. Simply…

Concerned About Dissolved Oxygen Corrosion? Learn How to Test For Dissolved Oxygen to Help Control Corrosion.

K-7511 Oxygen (dissolved) ULR CHEMets® Visual Test Kit Contents and Packaging

When it comes to controlling and monitoring dissolved oxygen levels in boiler feedwater, it pays to get it right. For power plants that use fossil fuels or nuclear power to heat purified water into pressurized steam, the quality of boiler feed water must be carefully controlled in order to optimize your system performance and extend…

Testing For Hydrogen Peroxide in Aseptic Packaging Using Vacu-Vials® Ampoules

K-5543 Hydrogen Peroxide Vacu-vials in use

If you are looking for a convenient way to test for residual hydrogen peroxide in aseptic packaging, look no further than CHEMetrics K-5543 Vacu-vials® instrumental test kit and our A-0214 Vacu-vials snapper. These allow analysts to test for hydrogen peroxide up to 6 ppm directly in the carton or container. Rely on CHEMetrics for #SimplicityInWaterAnalysis….