NEW A-2024 Ammonia Single Analyte Meter Now Available

A New Meter for Measuring Ammonia

To provide even more convenient water testing options, CHEMetrics now offers the A-2024 Single Analyte Meter (SAM) for the measurement of ammonia in water. The A-2024 SAM is an affordable portable ammonia photometer designed to work with the currently available K-1413 and K-1513 Ammonia Vacu-vials test kits.

Figure 1: The A-2024 SAM provides accurate and reliable results for ammonia water testing.

Whether you prefer testing with K-1413’s hydroxybenzyl alcohol chemistry or the Direct Nesslerization chemistry of K-1513, the new ammonia SAM is perfect for starting a new testing regime or integrating into your current schedule. Results are provided in ppm (mg/L) ammonia-nitrogen (NH3-N) on a clear screen. Featuring compatibility with two different methods, A-2024 can

measure at the following ranges:

  • K-1413 Range: 0 – 3.00 ppm
  • K-1413 Range: 0 – 60.0 ppm
  • K-1513 Range: 0 – 10.0 ppm
  • K-1513 Range: 0 – 150 ppm

The SAM fits comfortably in hand and runs on four AAA batteries for approximately 5,000 tests. It holds 15 data sets in memory making it perfect for testing in the field or in the lab. Every unit comes with a light shield, screwdriver, batteries, instructions and a 1-year warranty so you can test with confidence. CHEMetrics Vacu-vial test kits are sold separately so you can choose the product that best meets your testing needs.

You can purchase a unit right now on our website, by phone at 800.356.3072, or by email at (International customers: Please contact your local CHEMetrics distributors.)

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