New Product: Test Kits for Corrosion Inhibitors Utilizing Rose Bengal Chemistry

Two New Filming Amine Test Kits Available

CHEMetrics has developed new test kits utilizing the Rose Bengal chemistry for measuring residual corrosion inhibitors like film forming amines (FFA) in boiler systems.

K-1013 features our Vacu-vials® ampoules and is compatible with a CHEMetrics V-3000 photometer or spectrophotometers that accept a 13mm round cell. Alternatively, a K-1013 DR 900 user program is available for download. This kit comes with enough consumables to conduct 30 corrosion inhibitor tests. Results are provided in ppm Octadecylamine (ODA) or Oleylamine (OA).

K-1013 Test kit and all of it's contents

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K-1006 features our CHEMets® ampoules for visual colorimetric analysis. Color development in the CHEMets ampoule is compared against the provided comparators to obtain a result. This test kit comes with two comparators allowing for measurements in the ranges of 0-2 and 2-6 ppm ODA or OLA. The kit contains everything needed to conduct 30 tests.

K-1006 Test Kit for Filming Amines and all of it's contents.

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Test Kit Applications

Film forming amines, sometimes known as film forming amine products (FFAP) or film forming products (FFP), are used in high pressure boilers, cooling systems, and heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) to prevent corrosion and minimize corrosion product transport. The Rose Bengal method is a popular test method for measuring these compounds in boiler water or condensate. Under acidic conditions the amines react with Rose Bengal to form a magenta-colored complex in direct proportion to the concentration of simple filming amines such as Octadecylamine (ODA) or Oleylamine (OA).

What are the Benefits of the CHEMetrics Rose Bengal Test?

Rose Bengal is a widely accepted method for measuring filming amines but most commercially available test kits have one key drawback. Rose Bengal dye adheres to glass and labware to the point of staining. Typically, it is necessary to clean glass cuvettes with solvents to prevent introduction of measurement bias. Other labware may need to be dedicated for Rose Bengal use.

With the CHEMetrics self-filling ampoule technology the dye is packaged in the single-use ampoule. No cuvettes are required since the ampoule is used to make the measurement. Staining problems are eliminated. Our convenient corrosion inhibitor test kits save labor and costs associated with solvent cleaning and disposal.

The ampoules contain a premeasured dose of reagent for a single test. After the addition of acidifier solution to the sample simply snap the ampoule in the sample and wait 2 minutes for color to develop to obtain your results.

Rose Bengal Method compared to Methyl Orange Method

CHEMetrics offers two different chemistries for measuring film forming products, the Methyl Orange method, and the Rose Bengal method.

These two methods are very different in their chemistries. Most film forming amine products are proprietary blends of different chemicals. This can make testing for them quite difficult as the components can vary based on the FFA blender/supplier. We encourage customers to try both test methods to determine which one works best for their product and application.

The Filming Amine Test Kits utilizing the Rose Bengal Chemistry are available now on the CHEMetrics website. Order online or contact us at 800-356-3072 to place your order today.

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