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Ammonia — CHEMets Refill

Catalog No.: R-1501*
Method: Direct Nesslerization

This product is a refill for K-1510 Ammonia CHEMets Visual Test Kit for the analysis of ammonia in water.

It contains 30 self-filling CHEMets ampoules packaged securely in cardboard trays and box.

R-1501 Ammonia CHEMets Refill is compatible with C-1501 Low Range Ammonia Comparator and C-1510 High Range Ammonia Comparator.

Shelf Life: 5 months1
1 This shelf life is based on storage at room temperature and in the dark.  The shelf life can be extended by 18 months if this refill is stored in the refrigerator.

Analysis Time: 1 minute

*Contains mercury. Dispose according to local, state or federal laws.