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Bromine — CHEMets Visual Kit

Catalog No.: K-1605
Range: 0-2.2 & 0-11 ppm
MDL: 0.125 ppm
Method: DPD

CHEMets Bromine kit comes in a plastic case and contains everything needed to perform 30 tests: Refill, Low and High Range Comparators, Activator Solution, 25 mL sample cup, and instructions.

Analysis Time: 1 minute


Components & Accessories

  • R-1605 Bromine CHEMets® Visual Test Refill Packaging

    Bromine — CHEMets Refill

    Catalog No. R-1605

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  • Low Range Bromine Comparator

    Catalog No. C-1601

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  • High Range Bromine Comparator

    Catalog No. C-1605

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  • Activator Stabilizer Solution Contents & Packaging

    Bromine Activator Solution

    Catalog No. A-1600

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  • Sample Cup, 25 mL

    Catalog No. A-0013

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