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SAM Verification Kit (530 nm)

Catalog No.: I-0003

The I-0003 Verification Kit for 530 nm Single Analyte Meters (SAMs) allows an analyst to quickly and routinely check the performance of the following photometers:  Chlorine (I-2001), Dissolved Oxygen (I-2002), Chlorine Dioxide (I-2005), Ozone (DPD) (I-2019) and Peracetic Acid (I-2020).

Each SAM Verification kit is packaged in a compact, durable polypropylene carrying case and includes a set of ampoules containing various dye solutions specific to the wavelength of the particular photometer.  A spectrophotometer that is certified using NIST traceable optical standards has been used to verify that each ampoule in the kit performs within the established acceptance criteria.

A Certificate of Conformance is supplied with each kit that reports the permissible test value for each standard in the kit.  Contact technical@chemetrics.com for details.

Shelf life:  12 months.



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