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Glycol — CHEMets Visual Kit

Catalog No.: K-4815
Range: 1-15 & 10-300 ppm ethylene glycol (EG) (up to 12,000 ppm EG or 24,000 ppm propylene glycol w/sample dilution)
MDL: 1 ppm
Method: Purpald-Periodate

The K-4815 Glycol Test Kit comes in a plastic case and contains everything needed to perform 30 tests (except distilled water): Refill, Comparator, Activator Solutions, 25 mL sample cup, 3 mL syringe, sample cup top, and instructions.

Shelf life: The refill contained in this kit has a shelf life of 5 months.

Analysis Time: 17 minutes


Components & Accessories

  • R-4815 Glycol CHEMets® Visual Refill Packaging

    Glycol/Formaldehyde — CHEMets Refill

    Catalog No. R-4815

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  • Glycol Comparator

    Catalog No. C-4815

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  • Activator Stabilizer Solution Contents & Packaging

    Glycol Activator Solution

    Catalog No. A-4400

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  • Sample Cup, 25 mL

    Catalog No. A-0013

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  • A-0014 Sample Cup Top for 25 mL cup

    Sample Cup Top for 25 mL cup

    Catalog No. A-0014

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  • Syringe Pack, 3.0 mL

    Catalog No. A-0063

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  • A-4201 Formaldehyde Activator Solution

    Activator Solution Pack

    Catalog No. A-4201

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  • Activation Solution Pack

    Catalog No. A-4202

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