Water / Wastewater

CHEMetrics products are applicable in both drinking water and wastewater plants.

Wastewater plants use testing methods to monitor influent, settling tanks, and effluent waters. Drinking water treatment plants monitor residual disinfectant products.

Test Kits related to the Water / Wastewater Industry
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Product Spotlight

Measuring Ammonia in Wastewater, Surface Water and More

Ammonia concentrations are routinely measured in wastewater effluent, drinking water, surface water and seawater. CHEMetrics offers two methods for measuring Ammonia levels in water, with ranges covering 0.5 ppm to 10,000 ppm. The Nessler reagent (mercury containing) provides test results in two minutes or less. The HBA reagent (hydroxybenzyl alcohol) is mercury-free and provides test results in six minutes or less. Both methods are available in visual and instrumental kit configurations.  For more information on COD, ammonia and other drinking water and wastewater testing kits, click on analyte of interest.

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CHEMetrics offers two methods (USEPA-accepted and Mercury-free) for the determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) in wastewater. CHEMetrics® COD vials can be used with CHEMetrics® photometers and with spectrophotometers that accept 16 mm diameter round bottom cells.  They may be used with Hach® photometers and spectrophotometers without modification of the factory calibrations. Click HERE for cross reference to Hach® COD products.

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