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Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit — CHEMets Visual Kit

Catalog No.: K-7540
Range: 0-40 ppb
MDL: 2.5 ppb
Method: Rhodazine D

Our 0-40 ppb range CHEMets Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit comes in a plastic case and contains everything needed to perform 30 tests: Refill, Comparator, permanent mounting clamp, sampling tube, and instructions.

Application Overview:  Monitor Dissolved Oxygen in High-Pressure Boiler Systems

Monitoreo de oxígeno disuelto en sistemas de calderas de alta presión

Analysis Time: < 1 minute


Components & Accessories

  • R-7540 Dissolved Oxygen CHEMets® Visual Refill Packaging

    Oxygen, dissolved — CHEMets Refill

    Catalog No. R-7540

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  • Sampling Tube

    Catalog No. A-0020

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  • Oxygen, dissolved Comparator

    Catalog No. C-7540

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  • Mounting Clamp, Permanent

    Catalog No. A-0034

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  • A-0004 Comparator Light Source (CLS)

    Comparator Light Source (CLS)

    Catalog No. A-0004

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