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Chlorine/Hypochlorite — CHEMets Ampoule Refill

Catalog No.: R-2500

The R-2500 CHEMets ampoules are a refill for K-2504, K-2504A, K-2504B, K-2504C, and K-2504D chlorine test kits.

When purchased with A-0171 it is also a refill for K-5808 and K-5816 chlorine dioxide test kits.

It contains 30 self-filling CHEMets ampoules packaged securely in cardboard trays and box.

Notice: Due to a recent change R-2509, R-2504, and R-5808 are no longer available. Direct equivalents are:

  • R-2509  is replaced by R-2500 and A-0171
  • R-2504 is replaced by R-2500
  • R-5808 is replaced by R-2500 and A-0171

Analysis Time: 1 minute


Components & Accessories

  • Activator Stabilizer Solution Contents & Packaging

    Activator Solution Pack

    Catalog No. A-2500

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  • A-0171 Pipettor Tips Pack

    Pipettor Tips Pack

    Catalog No. A-0171

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