Introduction to Freshwater Monitoring and Water Rangers Products

Announcing A New Partnership

At CHEMetrics, our goal is to deliver water testing tools and resources that are accurate, affordable, and easy to use. With that in mind, we’re proud to announce our partnership with the Canada-based Water Rangers organization. Water Rangers has created water testing kits designed for communities, schools, and passionate citizen scientists who help in the effort to maintain healthy local freshwater ponds, lakes, and rivers. Water Rangers test kits have been tested against professional equipment and, like CHEMetrics-branded products, deliver accurate results without need for a lab. So far, thousands of volunteers in over 20 countries have joined the Water Rangers movement. CHEMetrics has been proud to have our K-7512 Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit as a part of the Water Rangers kit, and now we are excited to offer Water Rangers products for sale directly from to meet your freshwater testing needs.

Water Rangers Partners
Figure 1: Water Rangers is funded and supported by these great organizations

How Does Water Testing Help?

There are often large gaps in water quality data for research studies. Without long term data, it is difficult to detail what is happening with a body of water. With the Water Ranger’s open data platform, your test results can be uploaded to a database and made available to other volunteers and scientists. The location-based platform makes it possible to keep track of measurements for a body of water over a long period of time. Those measurements can ultimately strengthen the scientific community and help drive leaders to make better resource management decisions. To learn more about Water Rangers open data platform visit

Which Test Kit is Right For Me?

CHEMetrics offers two Water Rangers test kits. Both are easy to use and compatible with the open data platform.

Freshwater Explorer Test Kit (K-0020) – This kit is designed for analysts of all ages and comes with a new and improved field guide that includes step-by-step directions to help the user conduct each test, understand the results, and record observations. All items come packaged in a durable backpack for easy field travel. No previous testing experience is required. This kit is ideal for small organizations and individuals. With this kit you can measure temperature, water clarity, depth, chlorine concentration, pH, alkalinity, hardness, total dissolved solids, and dissolved oxygen concentration. Gather data about your community’s lakes and rivers without breaking the bank.

Freshwater Education Test Kit (K-0010) – This test kit is specifically designed for educators who want to help create the next generation of water testers. Also bundled in an easy-to-carry backpack, this kit comes with enough supplies to serve the testing needs of 20 students. The accompanying teacher guide provides detailed lesson plans and shows educators how to perform every test. Even more lesson plans are available through the Water Rangers website (

Contents of the Water Rangers Education Kit
Figure 2: The Freshwater Education Kit fits all of this in convenient portable bag.

The Freshwater Kit Restocking Pack (R-0010) –  For the user who needs to replace their kit’s consumables, this bundle will help you get back to testing right away. It contains conductivity calibration solution, a CHEMetrics R-7512 dissolved oxygen refill pack, a container of 50 test strips (for chlorine, pH, alkalinity, hardness), and a fridge magnet to remind users of monthly testing times.

Are you ready to test your local water sources and start supporting your community? Place your order for a Water Rangers test kit right now at

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