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Water Rangers Freshwater Monitoring Test Kits

What is Water Rangers?
To meet your freshwater testing needs CHEMetrics has partnered with Water Rangers. Water Rangers is a Canada-based organization focused on empowering anyone to help protect the world’s natural water resources. With the tools and instructions included in a Water Rangers water test kit, anyone can gather reliable water quality data and log it in the Water Rangers data platform. This open data platform allows citizen scientists to contribute data gathered with Water Rangers products and makes your data available to other scientists and volunteers so they can use it in scientific pursuits. For more information on the data platform please visit waterrangers.ca

Which Water Rangers Product is Right For Me?
CHEMetrics is proud to offer three different Water Ranger products.

K-0010 – The Freshwater Education Test Kit – This test kit is perfect if you are an educator looking to create a full water testing program or a fun activity for your students. Not only does it provide educational materials to make you a water testing expert, it also will provide your students with hands-on experience. For additional lesson plans, please visit waterrangers.ca

K-0020 – The Freshwater Explorer Test Kit – This test kit is perfect for small organizations or individuals who are ready to start water testing. No prior experience is required, the kit comes with instructions on how to perform all the tests and how to upload your data.

R-0010 – The Freshwater Kit Restocking Pack – This is a pack of refills for the consumable products in K-0010 and K-0020. A great way to get back to testing if you already have the materials from the Water Rangers test kits.

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  • Freshwater Explorer Test Kit

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  • Freshwater Kit Restocking Pack

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